The second dark emporer created the ultimate destroying machine: SHADOWMON This digimon became a legend in the digital world. After the emporer was destroyed his soul passed to a boy who then controlled Shadowmon. Shadowmon is made out of pure dark cores. The boy then recreated Shadowmon with help from Lilithmon. The boy took his place as dark lord of the digital world, freed Lilithmon from her dark prison and gained the trust of creatures such as Piedmon, Puppetmon, Ladydevimon and Myotismon. These demons became the dark lords greatest allies. The only digimon known to be the dark lords ennemy is Baihumon, who helped the digi-destined discover the new dark lord. The emporer later created the core vortex, a realm of darkness where he created more dark digimon and in the vortex he trapped Baihumon and set out to destroy the other digimon sovereigns.

Laylamon b

Shadowmon's co-creator Lilithmon

Daemon (Super Ultimate) v

Shadowmon (ultimate)

JagerLoweemon t

Shadowmon (armor)

Puppetmon t


Piedmon t


LadyDevimon b


Myotismon t


Baihumon b

Baihumon the dark lord's ennemy