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Level Mega
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Prior forms RapidDynosmon
Next forms ShineDynosmon Ancient Mode

ShineDynosmon is the evolution for RapidDynosmon. The Eon Cannon turned into an arm with a hand, and the laser shooter (Dramon Laser) is smaller and above his hand. His right hand is almost indentical, but has a crystal sword (Dramon Crystal) in place of a laser shooter. He doesn't have any spikes, a thin horn, ears, wings, a line in the middle of his chest which seperates his two main colors.


  • Crystal Slasher
    • Effect 1: Slashes his opponents with Dramon Crystal.
    • Effect 2: Jabs his opponents multiple times with Dramon Crystal.
  • Hyperion Laser: Shoots Yin-Yang energy beams from Dramon Laser.
  • Alpha Twin: Uses Effect 2 of Crystal Slasher, then Hyperion Laser.
  • Tri-Horn Smash Superforce: Sharpens his ears to feel like horns and jabs his foes with his ears and horn.

ShineDynosmon Ancient Mode

ShineDynosmon Ancient Mode
Level Super Ultimate
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Prior forms ShineDynosmon

ShineDynosmon Ancient Mode is the mode-changed form of ShineDynosmon. He has fangs added to his helmet. His color-stripe is higher up his chest, changing his left arm's color and the stripe ends above his legs. His sword is called Crystal Dramon Smasher and his shield is called Dramon Deflector. His left wrist has crystals on either side.


  • Ancient Sword: Attacks with his Crystal Dramon Smasher.
  • Deflection: Deflects attacks with Dramon Deflector.
  • SharpSpike Tornado: His elbow spikes grow longer and he spins around, slashing anything in his way.
  • Crystal Force
    • Effect 1: Attacks with his Crystal Dramon Smasher.
    • Effect 2: Attacks with the crystals on his left hand.
  • Power of the Ancients: Shoots forward at full speed, smashing anything in his way.

Also see: Agumon iX (X-Ark)

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