Level Ultimate
Type Holy Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms SantoRyumon
Next forms Chevaliermon / Thorndramon (DNA Digivolve + Manticoremon)

Shindramon is the regal and divine Ultimate form of Karimon. It soars about the Digital World on the search for evil to destroy. It is said that while the silver flames it breathes heal the virtuous, the golden flames incinerate the wicked. Many think that it prefers to team up with Justimon on occasion, but it hasn't been shown to happen more often than with any other virtuous Digimon.


Shinedramon has a scaly armor made out of White Digizoid trimmed with Gold Digizoid covering most of its body, except for its six wings which are made of Silver Digizoid, a very light and maneuverable variation of Chrome Digizoid. Its claws are golden, and it holds to its heart a shining opalescent gem that it uses to store away extra data in case of an emergency where it might need to repair itself. Its eyes are a solid shade of stunning blue.


  • Holy Bolt - Calls down a bolt of holy wrath upon the foe
  • Holy Blaze - Calls up searing fires to purge the foe
  • Holy Blizzard - Calls forth a biting blizzard to blanket the foe
  • Luster Shine - Uses spare data in its gem to cover the area in a flash of pure white light