Level Ultimate
Type Holy Insect
Attribute Free
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Choikawamon
Next forms HolyLightmon
Slide forms Butterflymon
Partners Yukio Oikawa

Shiriochomon is a Holy Insect Digimon whose name and design is derived from White ( Shiro?) and Butterfly ( Chō?). Most of its body is made of the extremly rare white digizoid. It is a calm, yet powerful Digimon who has power of a mega yet he is only . it is Yukio Oikawa's digimon form, he posseses this form when all of the butterflies (Choikawamons) merge to a single form.


Shirochomon looks like a grayscale Butterflymon with blue arms and purple stripes


Shirochomon is the human's world guardian, He is also is the guardian of the human side of the network. Shirochomon can slide digivolve to Butterflymon, who is a much less powerful form of him.

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Holy Insect Digimon

Special Move
Holy Migration
Omnimon: "Shirochomon is Yukio Oikawa's digimon form, who is also the guardian of the human side of the network. His Holy Migration can repair damage made in the digital world."


Holy Migration - His body turns into Many Shirochomons who fly and repair damage made in the digital world.

Purple Warp - Shoots a drill like spiral of super hot purple "gel" from the marks on his wings.

Tornado of Light - Flaps his wings to make a white tornado of super fast winds who can destroy easily virus digimon.

Purple Tornado - Uses the purple warp while flapping his wings to make a super hot, purple, explosive and gelly like version of the Tornado of light who can destroy a whole city easily.

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