Level Rookie
Type Slime
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits

Nightmare Soldiers

Prior forms Unknown
Next forms Migomon

Shoggothmon is a Digimon that was created from databases with data from great horror stories. It uses its amorphous body to transform into various forms to suit its needs. Although it is a Rookie Level Digimon, it is stronger than many Champion Level Digimon, although it is incredibly dense, babbling on in gibberish from its fang-filled mouth.


Shoggothmon has a blobby, black, tar-like body with many tentacles that it uses for various tasks. It also has a large mouth filled with sharp teeth that it uses to ingest data from anything it happens to decide is food. It can morph into three other forms: a bat-like creature, a serpentine creature, and a cyborg-like creature.


  • Ingestion - Grabs the target and shoves them into its mouth to try to ingest them
  • Tool Tentacle - Morphs a tentacle into a weapon or tool to use against the opponent
  • Bat Cry - Screams its babbling nonsense at the foe, disorienting them (Bat Form Only)
  • Fang Smash - Slams its open mouth into the target, driving the fangs deep into them (Snake Form Only)
  • Babble Bomb - Throws bombs filled with a special gas at the target, causing them to go temporarily insane (Cyborg Form Only)


  • Shoggoths are creature in the works of H. P. Lovecraft that are made by Elder Things specifically as laborer slaves