Type Mutant Digimon
Prior forms Cutemon + Gargomon
Next forms SamuraiCutemon
*(w/ Turuiemon)
* (w/ Wendigomon)
*(w/ Turuiemon, Wendigomon, Dondokomon, Knightmon, PawnChessmon (White), Persiamon, Kamemon, Jijimon)

ShogunCutemon is the DigiXros of Cutemon, and Gargomon. ShogunCutemon looks like a spring green Cutemon that bears the same appearal as Gargomon, such as his jeans, and facial markings, unlike Gargomon, ShogunCutemon has two horns as apposed to Gargomon's single horn, and his guns are different as well, the size of ShogunCutemon's body is similar to Gargomon's but slightly smaller.


  • Supersonic Laser: Fires small rounds of high frequency sound waves
  • Ultrasonic Blast: Charges up a large sphere of high frequency sound waves within one of its guns, then throws it at the enemy

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