Shoutmon is a Digimon character in « Digimon : The Golden Digivice ».

Shoutmon t
Appears in:The Golden Digivice
Partner(s):Golden Fox
Gender Male


Shoutmon is a little dragon Digimon who is considered as a Rookie in The Golden Digivice. He is very friendly and kind. He is always with his best friend, Gumdramon, they like doing jokes and fighting together against the same enemy.


  • Fiery Fastball: Forms a ball of energy in the shape of an eighth note and throws it at the opponent.
  • Bellow Blaster: Uses its mic to amplify the energy of the heated emotions blazing within its chest, then bashes the opponent. Because passion is the very source of the attack, it will definitely inflict damage no matter the target.
  • Rock and Roller: Wields its mic as in bōjutsu.

Other Form

In The Golden Digivice, Shoutmon raises an other form which is considered as a Champion form. In spite of his Rookie form is the one that he sets mostly.


OmniShoutmon t


OmniShoutmon is Shoutmon's Champion form. He is the only other form that Shoutmon takes in the story.


  • Heavy Metal Vulcan: Converts the passion of its overflowing friendship into firepower, as a hail of shots that it fires from its chest as both an attack and an impregnable wall that keeps its opponents away from its comrades.
  • Victorize Banking: Effuses its passion to justice from the "V" on its head and assaults the opponent while shining greater than the sun, eradicating them.
  • Hard Rock Damashī: Changes the passion of its courage into flames that surge in its fists, with which it strikes the opponent when at close range, and hurls when at a distance.
  • Beat Slash: Changes its feet into blades by filling them with the passion of its fighting spirit, then uses them to kick and cut apart the opponent.
  • Omega the Fusion: Draws the power of the Omega inForce from its whole body, concentrates it into an Omnimon-shaped aura, then shoots it at the opponent, blowing away even the morale of those who witness it.

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