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The Double Decade Digi Xros of Taiki's Digimons (OmegaShoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Star Sword, Beelzemon, Knightmon & PawnChessmons, Lillymon), Nene's only digimon: Sparrowmon, and Kiriha's ZekeGreymon results in Shoutmon D2X. It's next level digivolution has: Shoutmon D2X (without Star Sword & PawnChessmons) + ChibiKamemon + Cutemon + Dondokomon + Deputymon + Jijimon + Mervamon Wide Hi-Vision Sword + Persiamon + Monimon + Dracomon + Deckerdramon + Cyberdramon + Golemon + Spadamon + Starmon + The Army Digimons counted as one (Bommons + Gaossmons + Chibickmons + All Pickmons + PawnChessmons + Rest of Monitamons) = Shoutmon Pentagonal Xros 5 or simply Shoutmon PX5.

Actually, Shoutmon DX forming the chest cavity, while The Army Digimons forming the rest of the chest. Ballistamon, Dondokomon, Deputymon & Cyberdramon forming the remaining torso and joints. The left hand is formed by Mervamon Wide Hi-Vision Sword & Monimon. The Right hand is formed by Deckerdramon, Spadamon (who has lately joined Xros Heart), Sparrowmon & Cutemon. The Legs (which are like Shoutmon X5B) are formed by Persiamon, Lillymon, Knightmon & Golemon. The head formation contains Jijimon, Starmon & Dracomon.

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