Shoutmon X4BSK
(シャウトモンX4BSK Shautomon X4BSK)
Level None
Type Enhancement
Prior forms Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmons, Knightmon, PawnChessmons, Beelzemon (2010 anime), Spadamon.

Shoutmon X4, Beelzemon (2010 anime), Knightmon, PawnChessmons, Spadamon.

Partners Fusion Fighters/United Army
Shoutmon X4BSK (シャウトモンX4BSK, Shautomon Cross Four Berserk) is a Composition Digimon which name and design come from "Shoutmon Cross Four Beelzebub Spada Knight". It is called the "Divine Weapons-Knight Mode" (神武器騎士形態 Shinbukishi Keitai). Its centaur-like form provides him a great speed and agility, and the claymore formed by the "Star Sword DX", improved with Knightmon's "Berserk Sword" and the "Longinus" spear, created from Spadamon and PawnChessmon make him almost invincible at physical battles. If things are getting ugly, it will use the vulcans of its head, and the blasters at both sides of its forelegs. It also inherited Knightmon and Pawnchessmons' shield; but, as both hands hold a weapon, the "V" on its chest can generate an energy shield. Its wide panoply makes it more than feared in battles, and its great sense of justice and friendship makes it even to risk its own life for saving its friends. All Digimons forming Shoutmon X4BSK also can use their own attacks if required.


  • Blaze Blast: Fires the vulcans of its head, paralyzing the opponent, while shooting at close range with the blasters at both sides of its forelegs.
  • Victorize Shield: Generates an energy shield from the "V" on its chest, resisting every attack.
  • Victory Berserker: Shoots its vulcans and blasters along with the cannon of its legs at close range, while impaling and slashing wildly with the "Star Sword DX" and the "Longinus" spear, finishing with a crosswise slash with both coldsteels and a powerful blast of the cannon right at the centre of the "X".
  • Drill Bit Blitz (Drill Buster): Dorulumon's special attack. Fires the drill at Dorulumon's head accurately.
  • Ram Slammer (Horn Breaker): Ballistamon's special attack. Heroically uses the horn at Ballistamon's head to fling the opponent, making it an easy target.
  • Meteor Shower (Meteor Squall): Starmons' special attack. The Pickmons forming the "Star Sword DX" sepparate and slash the opponent with the "Meteor Shower" maneuver.
  • Blue Brave: Spadamon's special attack. Releases a wave of energy from the "Longinus" spear.
  • Chaos Flare: Fires a powerful blast of energy from the "Berenjena SDX" cannon.