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This Xros has King Shoutmon, allowing with the original Ballistamon, Starmon and Pickmons and Sparrowmon and Dorulumon's data. On the same arm with the Sparrowmon shield is a Wristers he had for a long time.


  • Meteor Buster Attack: Runs up to the stratosphere, then becomes a meteorite and rams the opponent, carving out a giant crater in not just them but also the land around them for several hundred meters.
  • Meteor Impact: Concentrates all of his energy into his right fist, then drives it into the opponent from close range, reliably bringing them down.
  • Burning Star Crusher: Cuts any opponent in two with a single stroke, even if they are moving about quickly.
  • Three Victorize: Fires a beam from the "V" on his chest that sweeps away hordes of opponents in a single strike.
  • Impact Laser: Fires a giant, vortex-shaped laser at the opponent.
  • Victorize Boomerang: Detaches the "V" on its chest and throws it, using it as a gigantic boomerang instead of a sword.

Other Forms

King Shoutmon

Shoutmon t

This is the same Shoutmon who was once the partner of Taiki, after getting all the Code Crowns became the king.

Knight Ballistamon

Ballistamon t

Ballistamon has been Shoutmon's Knight and best friend and when the original Xros Heart members got split up Ballistamon stayed with the King and after getting fatally wounded in a battle became X2 and joined Solar Flare til they re-met up with Sparrowmon, Starmon and his army and met a new Dorulumon became X5 and joined Blue Xros Heart.

Starmon and Pickmons

Starmons b

Starmon is the leader of a Pickmon army who can become the Star Sword.


Sparrowmon t

This is the same Sparrowmon from the original Xros Wars and sometimes under command of the king helps Blue Xros Heart.


Shoutmon X2 t

Shoutmon and Ballistmon spend most of there time in this form at the start of the Earth saga and up until episode 36.


Shoutmon X3SD b

The king assumed this Xros when he is working as a spy in the Aqua Zone.

Ballistamon SR

XW-05 18 3


OmniShoutmon t

OmegaShoutmon. Shoutmon takes on this from to help the other members of Blue Xros Heart to Burst Digivolve and earlier helps MetalGreymon Digivolve to ZekeGreymon in the battle.


  • Z Power
  • Burst Power

Shoutmon X5B

Shoutmon X5B t

X5 uses this form to slow down DarkKnightmon. Beelzemon is not seen when X5 takes on this form, it is beveled that X5 Slide Evolved into this form.


  • Burst Dash Stream

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