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Shoutmon X7

Shoutmon X7
Type Composition
Prior forms Shoutmon + Ballistamon + Dorulumon + Star Sword + Sparrowmon + Kotemon + Flamemon

Shoutmon X4 + Sparrowmon + Kotemon + Flamemon

Shoutmon X5 + Kotemon + Flamemon

Shoutmon X6 + Flamemon

Partners Taiki Kudou

Shoutmon X7 is a powerful Digimon and the final Shoutmon Xros. He combines himself with Flamemon. Oh the Sparrowmon Shield is the Crest of Courage.


  • Star Strike: Swings the sword and then a blast of stars attack the enemy.
  • Lazar Blaster: Turns into a living Digimon Lazar and then hits the enemy.
  • Dorulu Blast: A blast of energy in the shape of Dorulumon's head comes from the cannons.
  • Sparrow Blast: The Sparrowmon Shield fires as if it was a missile.
  • Pickmon Cannon: Pickmons are fired form the Dorulu Cannon and hit then enemy and then X7 swings the Star Sword at the enemy Digimon.
  • Courage Burner: His body becomes engulfed with falmes he then hits the enemy

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