Shoutmon X7

Shoutmon X7
Type Composition
Prior forms Omega Shoutmon + Ballistamon + Dorulumon + Star Sword + Sparrowmon + Zeek Greymon

Shoutmon DX + Sparrowmon + Ballistamon + Dorulumon + Star Sword + Sparrowmon

When Shoutmon X5 & Metal Greymon were fighting with Bagra Army, then they required more power. So, Shoutmon X5 seperated and Shoutmon evolved to OmegaShoutmon while Metal Greymon evolved to Zeke Greymon and formed Shoutmon DX. With this, the others (Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Star Sword & Sparrowmon) helped them and resulted in Shoutmon X7. They also have another form where Shoutmon X7's legs detach and Beelzemon come over and form Shoutmon X7B. Also with the help of Knightmon & PawnChessmons they can form Shoutmon X7K & with all 3 (PawnChessmons, Beelzemon & Knightmon) It becomes Shoutmon X7KB. And when Shoutmon X7B has Lilymon attached, they form Shoutmon Double Decader Xros (or Shoutmon D2X)


  • Star Strike: Swings the sword and then a blast of stars attack the enemy.
  • Lazar Blaster: Turns into a living Digimon Lazar and then hits the enemy.
  • Dorulu Blast: A blast of energy in the shape of Dorulumon's head comes from the cannons.
  • Sparrow Blast: The Sparrowmon Shield fires as if it was a missile.
  • Pickmon Cannon: Pickmons are fired form the Dorulu Cannon and hit then enemy and then X7 swings the Star Sword at the enemy Digimon.
  • Courage Burner: His body becomes engulfed with falmes he then hits the enemy