Type Bird Man

Shrikemon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Shrike" and is created DarkblazeHunter. It is the leader of The Tempest army and commands the flying Digimon.


Shrikemon appears as a tall, bird humanoid with black and grey wings with details similiar to Ravemon. He wears lighting bolt-marked indigo armor, shoulder-guards, and greaves and bears a large golden talon-like gauntlet.


Shrikemon is one of the few living descendants of the original Digimon of Tempest Zone; a great and wealthy Zone in ancient times that fell to greed and began to plunder resources from its neighbors, leading to the zone's destruction. In the present, Shrikemon has sworn to restore his home Zone to its former glory through any mean; even by stealing the forbidden Dark Xros Loader from the Shrine of the Legendary General under the care of Baromon which he successfully does. However, the Xros Loader absorbed into his body without warning; first confusing the Bird Man Digimon before he realized that he could now Digi-Xros at will.


  • Shrike Zephyr: Spins in a tornado-like fashion and slams into the enemy.
  • Shrike Nail: Attacks with his talon gauntlet.
  • Shower of Blades

DigiXros Forms


Mammon is the Digi-Xros form of Shrikemon and Metaloupmon through the power of the Dark Xros Loader within Shrikemon.


  • Avarice Claw
  • Avarice Spear
  • Black Midas

Mammon Crystal

Mammon Crystal is an upgraded version of Mammon after absorbing a trio of Amethystmon.


  • Avarice Gem
  • Black Crystal Midas