Level Rookie
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Shademon

Shroudmon is the partner of fanon character Aaron South.


Shroudmon is a similar height and build of a 16-year old human. His body is mostly black with a criss-cross pattern of thin grey lines on his torso. At the ends of his fingers are short white claws.


  • Shroud Claw: Shroudmon's right-hand claws glow red and he attacks with a horizontal slash.

Other Forms

The name "Shroudmon" refers to only the rookie form of this digimon.


Shademon is Shroudmon's In-Training form.


  • Shade: Shademon sends out a weak pulse of energy.


Darkmon is Shroudmon's Champion form. Darkmon looks like a larger version of Shroudmon with larger claws and two small spikes of his back.


  • Dark Shot: Darkmon releases a large blast of black energy from his mouth.
  • Darkness Slash: A more powerful version of Shroud Claw.


Shadowmon is Shroudmon's Ultimate form. Shadowmon is again a larger form of Darkmon, but Darkmon's two spikes have become wings and spikes now run all the way down Shadowmon's spine and arms.


  • Shadow Flame: Shadowmon fires a burst of black fire from his mouth.
  • Shadow Slash: An extremely powerful version of Darkness Slash.


Eclipsemon is Shroudmon's Mega form. His hands have now become large blades, his wings and spikes have grown and he now has a long tail tipped with another blade similar to those on his arms.


  • Eclipse Plasma Blast: Eclipsemon fires a huge stream of black energy from his mouth.
  • Eclipse Impale: Eclipsemon stabs his opponent with both of his arm-blades at once.
  • Final Eclipse Striker: Eclipsemon's tail blade glows red and he stabs his opponent with it, before sending out a huge shockwave of black energy.