Level Super Mega
Type Supreme God
Attribute Vaccine
Family Supreme God Man
Prior forms Omegamon + Alphamon
Partners N/A

Sigmadramon is a Holy Knight Digimon, consisted of two mega Level Digimon, Omnimon and Alphamon. A powerful Knight Digimon who is believed to be only a myth, of fiction, he presence generates such powerful data that its influence over those who witness it that they have no choice but to follow their primal protocol as data; to stand by unless given intructions via command; in this case, Sigmadramon's command. Because part of its body is composed of a Digimon who contains the X Antibody, it possesses unbelievable power far greater than that of other mega Level Digimon, such as Imperialdramon Paladin Mode.

Known in myths spanning the years of the primordial Digital World as the "Falsebound Knight", it is believe that it is neither living nor dead, in neither the past, present and future, and is neither real or fantasy. This is because he possesses the three Inforces of Alphamon, Omnimon and UlforceVeedramon; the Alpha Inforce allows Sigmadramon to replay battles past; to deliver several attacks that no digimon has witnessed before in a timespam that equates to a single action; the Omega Inforce allows him to read any movement his opponent makes, nullifying any chance the opponent has in a frontal assault. The UlForce allows Sigmadramon to regenerate wounds at an accelerated rate even if the attack would otherwise delete him completely. However, the combination of the three Forces create the Sigma UlForce; it allows Sigmadramon to venture between worlds and realities, as well as to phase between existances.


  • Dimension Phase - Sigmadramon creates a black rift that sends his enemies to a dimension of his choosing. Works as transportation as well.
  • Requiem of Soul - Similar to Digitalize of Soul, Sigmadramon creates a bright golden sphere that shoots streams of energy, or a large golden, glistening dragon to attack his enemies.
  • Hand of God - Holding out his right palm, Sigmadramon fires a huge burst of golden stream that deletes all data it comes into contact with.
  • Transcendent Sword - By calling upon the Grey Sword, Sigmadramon fuses it to his left hand and uses it to attack relentlessly at his opponent.
  • Alpha Inforce Eclipse - By using the Alpha Inforce, Sigmadramon unleashes a single attack that translates into thousands of quick, consecutive attacks against the opponent, obliterating them to dust.
  • Omega Inforce Eclipse - By using the Omega Inforce, Sigmadramon can copy the opponent's attack as it strikes him, and deal the same attack with ten times the power that was recieved.
  • Ulforce Eclipse - By using the Ulforce, Sigmadramon touches the opponent and transfers all damage done to him to his target, restoring his energy.
  • Trinity Limit - Sigmadramon's ultimate attack allows him to use the Three Eclipse's as a single attack, copying the opponent's attack, striking them consecutively a thousand times over with ten times the strength, while also giving the opponent the damage that Sigmadramon has accumilated.