Sirenmon b
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Phantom Night
First appearance ""
Last appearance ""
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Miki Inoue
Gender Female
OccupationMember of the Digital Phantom Thieves

Sirenmon is another main character in the fan series: Fan:Digimon Phantom Night.She works as the the Digital Phantom Thieves' advisor and informer.


When she isn't working on cases, she can be seen as a big sister and mother figure to the other members as she'll joke with them and argue with them. She has a strong sense of responsibility as she is in charge of the rebel digimon and in charge of guiding the team on heists.


Before LordAkumon's attack on both worlds, she was a follower of Athenamon and admired her dearly. Which is why she was super devastated after hearing about Athenamon's disappearance after her battle with LordAkumon. This caused Sirenmon to vow to steal back everyone's freedom that was stolen by the forces of evil thus she created the Digital Phantom Thieves for anyone with the same cause.


  • Siren Scream
  • Melody Mayhem
  • Gusts of Fury
  • Sleeping Spell

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