SkullSatamon t

SkullSatamon is the idiotic brother of Lilithmon, son of Barbamon, & brother-in-law of Tactimon.


Arriving on the moon shortly after Lilithmon's wedding to Tactimon, SkullSatamon leads an army of Digimon in destroying the DigiDestined's Thunder Digimon. It is SkullSatamon that provides the Karatenmon that will be the standard grunt unit used by Tactimon. Whilst he isn't intelligent & is often considered an irritation, he has power roughly equal to MadLeomon's & is a force to be reckoned with in battle. HeIs equipped with a magic staff & a flamethrower.

He will often fight alongside MadLeomon, & his buffoonish character rubs off onto MadLeomon, making them the evil equivalent to Brick & Stick. He will constantly call Tactimon, "Tack", usually causing Tactimon to lose his temper & yell at SkullSatamon.

After destroying the Command Center at the beginning of Digimon Zeo, SkullSatamon (along with MadLeomon) somehow loses his memory & serves Brick & Stick until Tactimon & Lilithmon restore his memory, after which he helps them in their quest to destroy the Machine Empire.