Level Mega
Type (Ja:) Skeleton, Dragon Man, Undead
(En:) Skeleton, Dragon Man,Ghost
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms SkullGreymon
MetalGreymon (Virus)

SkullWarGreymon is a Digimon whose name and design are from the prefix Skull and WarGreymon . This is a disgraced WarGreymon acquired this way after being carried away by his murderer instinct to get stronger. While WarGreymon has a pure heart, strong feelings of friendship and fair ideals, SkullWarGreymon is the opposite: his soul is in darkness, his heart is rotten and full of hatred for all living beings and their way of fighting is cruel and remorseless wild. It has the power to SkullGreymon released in full, although unlike the latter is fully aware of all your actions. Only a few are able to achieve SkullGreymon this form. His body has acquired a blood red bone armor now has extraordinary resistance (even higher than the previous one, which was made ​​of Chrome Basic Digizoid). On his back is a pair of wings skinned inexplicably let you fly. It has a total of 3 arms:

  • Grim Reaper: A gigantic and terrifying scythe whip, it is said, is made ​​from the same material as Bagramon used to create the Brave Snatcher.
  • Castigadramon (Dramon Punisher): It is a dark and original skeletal version of Matadramons (Dramon Killer) (one on the right arm).
  • Source of Dark Knowledge: On his left arm is the skull of an ancient digimon, which is loaded with an ancient power that allows you to use black magic to cast curses his opponents.


  • Castigadramon (Dramon Punisher): Rip his enemies with his jaw bone.

Segada Underworld: Use the Grim Reaper full of dark energy to inflict deep gashes to his opponents. You can also launch a shockwave that destroys everything in its path.

  • Castigadramon (Dramon Punisher): Rip his enemies with his jaw bone.

Slash Profane: Get through his opponents with Castigadramon to introduce a curse (generated by the Source of Dark Knowledge) canceling and blocking their souls, turning them into automatons of extraordinary strength and endurance (increased by the effect of the spell) subject to the will of SkullWarGreymon.

  • Damn Current: Shoot four powerful dark energy beams from the eyes of the skull on his left arm, which also damage also prevent the enemy digievolucione to higher levels.

Fury Tatar: Source uses the BlackBerry Technical Dark to open a portal to the Dark Area. Then begins to remove negative energy from the portal and accumulates in your body to finally throw it through his hands in the form of a wide and devastating blast capable of destroying anything. After this, he returns to his baby form (Botamon).

  • Infernal cry: This is a super hot breath wave hugging and destroys everything that gets in its path.