Skyborn Kaomon
Title Prince of the Skies
Level Ultimate (Mega)
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Prior forms Kaomon (through Chaos Warp Evolution)
HyperioKaomon + ArtemiKaomon
Next forms Galaxy Kaomon (w/ the 12 Ancient Powers)
Partners Tobias Ryder
Crimson Blaze Army

Skyborn Kaomon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Sky" and "Kaomon" and the mythical god Aether. In a miraculous evolution combining the Ancient Powers of Courage, Friendship, Hope, and Light, a Kaomon Chaos Warp Evolved to this form, becoming the archetype of "The Hero."

Its form once again becomes similar to High-Noon Kaomon and Midnight Kaomon- tall, slender, and wearing heavy armor on its fore arms, shins, chest, and waist- except without the color changes; its skin is black and its armor is silver. The Star Crown upon its head has also evolved from its previous form, adding a face mask and two smaller points to its original three. It has short brown hair, like that of Metal Greymon. It has also grown two massive angel-like wings giving it the power of flight, a feat other forms of Kaomon have yet to accomplish. In addition to gaining wrist mounted blasters, it also carries the Sword of Virtue, a Claymore that has the Crest of Light on its hilt, and Digicode written on the blade. It also Holy Rings on its lower wings, and has the orb cores of the Hyperion Matrix and the Artemis Matrix engraved into its chest plate.

Skyborn Kaomon is, above all else, a virtuous warrior, putting itself in harms way for the sake of others. It will not fight for a cause it does not deem righteous, and because of the Ancient Powers that have become part of its soul, it is never wrong in selecting such a cause. Skyborn will fight for its allies without hesitation, but has been known to turn against them should they stray onto the path to darkness, and it finds itself with no other choice. This does not making it unfeeling, for fighting its former allies is often painful for Skyborn Kaomon.

Skyborn Kaomon has the power to achieve nearly impossible feats, and this is credited to its ability to draw on positive energy- the courage, hopes, and dreams of others- and turn it into raw power. Its special attack is binding this raw power to its Sword of Virtue and smiting its foes (Heroic Buster).

The Digicode on the Sword of Virtue reads "INITIATE" and its Holy Rings read "I am the all benevolent sky."


  • Heroic Buster: Draws on the positive energy around it, bind it to its sword and smites its foes.
  • Tempest Blade: A ranged attack performed with the Sword of Virtue. Unleashes gusts of wind from the sword that cut through foes with a blade.
  • Tempest Blaze: Fires high-energy blast at the opponent imbued with power of the sky element from its wrist mounted blasters.

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