SlashAngemon Holy Mode
(スラッシュエンジェモン:ホーリーモード SlashAngemon Holy Mode)
SlashAngemon Holy Mode
Level Super Ultimate
Type Power
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms SlashAngemon

SlashAngemon Holy Mode is a Power Digimon whose and design are derived from "Slash Angemon" and the mythological Power. It commands the Powers and it does not fear death. Along with the blades of its metal wings and hands, its entire body has gained a razor-sharp appearance, and it is surely an Angel Warrior created in order to battle wicked beings. With half of the holy data of Seraphimon within its DigiCode, its power has grown exponentially, elevating it to the status of Limit Breaker.


  • Shining Blade of the True (Holy Espada, Esp: Holy Sword): Slashes with a cross-shaped energy blast.
  • Golden Ripper (Heaven's Ripper): Charges at the opponent with staggering momentum, cutting them to pieces with the blades covering its body.

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