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Sol Yammamoto

Sol Yammamotais a 16 year boy and Is the main chacrecter of the series and the leader of Over The Twelve Digital Worlds Squad And is seated as Over 11 Worlds And is in charge of D.R.T. . Sol Has a Noncaring Atitude He's Often known to say "The World can Be destoryed for all I care" however his Atitude changes when in the heat of battle. Unlike Voyd He anticipates his opponent in battle.Sol Digimon Is Coronamon and make quite a good team and never disagree unless theres a its who gets last peice of food. He can Turn into SolCoronamon.

                                                                 SolCoronamon Attack

Ultraviolet Sword- Summons a swird of multicolor flames

Corona Blast-Makes a big Fire Ball

Solar Fist-SolCoronamons Ultimate Attack punches with a fist of pure Sunlight

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