Title The Ultimate Evil
Level Super Ultimate
Type Solar Incarnation
Attribute Vaccine
Family Light Area

Solarismon is a Solar Incarnation Digimon originating from the God of Evil from the B/C universe, who wanted to travel to other universes to fix the Light and Dark bias by surprising everyone that even Light is not free from being considered "The Ultimate Evil". Solarismon is initially made fun of by villians such as MaloMyotismon and Lucemon Chaos Mode, but the real trick is that he is also the destroyer of all darkness. Not only that, but he is meant to represent everything harmful about a star. Everything in his vicinity burns to ash, those exposed to his radiation field suffering major radiation burns, and sometimes being able to turn night into day from being so bright when in darkness. In fact, just staring at him is said to cause permanent blindness from how bright he shines. He was created by a God of Light who wanted to fix the Light and Dark bias in the Digital World and created a Digimon in his own image to solve all the problems. His brother, however, was then forced to fix this imbalance by creating a Digimon in his own image as well, called Lunarismon. MaloMyotismon, among other dark based villians, are seriously hindered by Solarismon and usually vaporized in an instant without Solarismon even having to do anything. Solarismon and Lunarismon are twins; However, Solarismon tends to look pointier and meaner looking than Lunarismon does.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Solarismon is a version exclusive to Bronze Version where Lunarismon is a version exclusive to Cobalt Version. Both can only be encountered if the save file of another game is detected in the system memory, a game project that also happens to be in the same continuity as B/C, and is where the two beings that inspired Solarismon and Lunarismon originate from. In a way, due to how they are unlocked, they are technically password Digimon. Solarismon's signature trait causes damage to everything on the field except itself every turn, even Holy species Digimon and Light element Digimon are effected by this. This is because it is actually more like radiation Solarismon is emitting rather than true light magic. This trait is cancelled out if Lunarismon is an opposing Digimon.