Level No Level
Prior forms Koalmon
Next forms ImperialShoutmon
DigiXros Charts
Partners Daniel (Adventures of the Digital World)

SoldierShoutmon is a form of Koalmon. He is the partner of Daniel in Digimon Fusion: Adventures of the Digital World and related fanfiction. His appearance is like that of a normal Shoutmon, however, he wears a red jacket with yellow shoulder pads and white pants.

SoldierShoutmon's Creation

On the Christmas day, he played a game on his computer and noticed an add for a website where he could create his own digimon. He was created from Daniel's drawings of SoldierShoutmon, and brought to life by the mysterious Blue Card. Then a digi-egg came out of the computer. Then a digi-egg came out of the computer. Daniel's girlfriend Sheiley came in at that time and two D-X Loaders shot into their hands. Soon after, the digi-egg hatched into Koalmon, SoldierShoutmon's In-Training Stage. SoldierShoutmon has a huge crush on Sheiley's partner, PrincessLunamon.

Other forms

SoldierShoutmon's DigiXros forms

  • SoldierShoutmon + Agumon
  • SoldierShoutmon X2
  • SoldierShoutmon X3
  • SoldierShoutmon X4
  • SoldierShoutmon X4S
  • SoldierShoutmon X4B
  • SoldierShoutmon X5
  • SoldierShoutmon X6

SoldierShoutmon's Attacks

  • Rock Damashī (ロックダマシー? lit. "Rock Soul"): Same as Shoutmon's attacks.