Level Armor Ultimate
Type Fireball
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Virus Busters
Prior forms Dousionmon
Next forms ArmorChainmon
*(w/ Chromiummon)

Solosismon is an ultimate-level Digimon. It was first appeared when a Dousinmon battles with DexDorugamon. When both Digimon losses th fight this Digimon digivolve into a stronger Digimon. This unknown Digimon was strong. It can beat up ten Mammothmon with one shot. It is also have a wild nature.


  • Blue Ball: Summon blue spirits and attacks the enemy.
  • Dark Hole: A black hole come from nowhere driving the enemy to the Dark Area
  • Ex Burst: A bursting move which immobilize enemies.
  • Soul Beam
  • Wild Rampage
  • Flaming Crown