Something Fishy is the forty-third episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Taylor, Spencer, & Carly are planning to go scuba diving. They invite Nicky to come, but he declines, stating he has been uncomfortable with aquatic life since he was a child. He decides to have a picnic with Maggie instead. Lilithmon overhears through her telescope & decides to send down an aquatic Digimon in order to frighten him into submission.

While having their picnic in the park, Nicky relates to Maggie that when was little, he was attempted to create a whirlpool in the lake. His finger in the water caught the eye of a nearby fish which bit his finger. Since then, Nicky has been afraid of marine life. The two hear a scream & run over to take a look.

The screaming was from Brick & Stick. They were fishing in the lake, but all they have caught was a bunch of garbage, including a "No Fishing" sign. Maggie & Nicky walk away. Then they are ambushed by Claymon. After fending them off, they are called to the Command Center.

Seraphimon informs them of Lilithmon's new Digimon, Rarefishmon. Kokuwamon is unable to contact Taylor, Spencer, & Carly due to them being underwater. Maggie & Nicky then summon their Digimon & head to the Digimon's location. On the moon, Lilithmon casts a spell on Nicky to make his fear of fish unbearable. Nicky then cowers in fear at the sight of the Digimon. Only Taylor, Spencer, & Carly's timely arrival forces Rarefishmon to temporarily withdraw.

Back at the Command Center, Seraphimon informs Nicky that the only way to break Lilithmon's spell is to overcome his fear of fish. The team then summon their Digimon & faces Rarefishmon, along with a group of Claymon. The Digimon sprays a blue substance which immobilizes the DigiDestined except Nicky, who succeeds in overcoming his fear of fish, thereby breaking Lilithmon's spell. He then attacks Rarefishmon with his DigiLance, freeing the DigiDestined.

Lilithmon makes her Digimon grow with her wand, prompting the DigiDestined to summon DinoOmnimon. Rarefishmon then shoots his toxic spray at DinoOmnimon, which immobilizes it. Spencer suggests converting the goo to energy. His idea works. DinoOmnimon then destroys the Digimon with its DigiSword.

At the Youth Center, Nicky & Hojo return from a fishing trip. Taylor repeats his scuba invitation to Nicky, who happily accepts. Hojo offers to cook up what he & Nicky caught. Brick & Stick then enter, claiming they caught something really big. In reality, it's just a large can of tuna. Brick then takes a look inside Nicky's bag, which contains a live lobster, who pinches Brick's nose.

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