Appears in: Digimon Academy
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Partner(s): Coronamon

Sora is a main character in Digimon Academy. He doesn't remember how he met Coronamon but he remembers using his video game skills with him to defeat a rouge digimon. He and Coronamon are so close that they use attacks together. Although not revealed to him yet, Sora is one of the Digi-Destined chosen by the Olympos XII.

Appearance ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sora had buzzed, brown hair. He wears a solid red shirt, sweat pants and sneakers and gloves.

Personality ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is very smart and loves video games. He usually thinks ahead.

Digimon ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

File:Coronamon b.png

Coronamon- A fun-loving digimon who loves the thrill of battle and is Sora's partner.

Other Forms ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Botamon t


Botamon- Coronamon's fresh form. First seen in a flashback. Sora was lighting a fire and a Digi-Egg came out of it. The egg hatched into Botamon and his Digivice was created soon after. Sora was young at the time and has forgotten this event. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sunmon b


Sunmon- Though not yet shown, it is confirmed to be Coronamon's In-Training form. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

File:Firamon b.png

Firamon- Coronamon's champion form. He first becomes this form in a fight with Omon and Renamon. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

File:Flaremon b.png

Flaremon- Coronamon's ultimate form. He first become this form while he, Sora, Minervamon, and Pegasusmon were in the Temple of Apollomon.

Digivice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A red and yellow Digivice Burst