SovereignSuperDarkKnightmon Ruin Mode
Type Destroyer
Attribute Virus
Prior forms SuperDarkKnightmon Ruin Mode + Sovereign Digimon
Next forms ΩSovereignSuperDarkKnightmon Ruin Mode (w/ half of ΩShoutmon's power)

Using the energy of all 4 Sovereign Digimon, he gains the legs of Baihumon (and his tail), the outer armor of Ebonwumon, Zhuqiaomon's wings and Azulongmon's head on 1 of his shoulders like Shoutmon X3. He has the Darkness Loader (sphere form) on his hand and the Hazard Symbol on it and on his chest.

Super Digimon Xros Wars

SuperDarkKnightmon Ruin Mode how do we beat him?

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