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The Sovereign Tamers (also known as the Four Great Tamers) are the four human children that became the Tamers to the four Digimon Sovereigns. They are the only ones to have ever become the tamers of digimon that powerful. The Children were chosen by the creator of the digital world, though they were only babies at the time. When they all turned 13 they were transported to the Digital World and met the Digimon Sovereigns. The children are as follows:

Michael: Michael is the self-proclaimed leader of the group. He is very strong and is the oldest of the group though he is still only thirteen as they all are. He was born in the northern area of America. His Sovereign partner is Ebonwumon.

Charity: The only girl in the group. She wants to prove her strength to the boys but usually she ends up being saved by Michael. She was born in the western area of America. Her Sovereign partner is Baihumon.

Scott: The hot-headed fighting machine of the group. He was born in the southern area of America. He often argues with Joshua and Michael over tactics. His Sovereign partner is Zhuqiaomon.

Joshua: The intelligent, calm one of the group. He was friends with Michael before they became Tamers. He was born in the eastern area of America. His Sovereign partner is Azulongmon.

The only one missing from the Four Great ones is Fanglongmon. Could this be because he already has a Tamer...

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