Level Fresh
Type Electric
Attribute Data
Next forms MiniBoltmon
Sparkmon Override
Partners Luke


Sparkmon is a chosen Digimon in Digimon: Scan Seperators who was destined with Luke. He has a full Digivolution line of Sparkmon to AndroThundramon. He has a "cool" personality and is very friendly around new people. Although he messes around alot, Sparkmon is serious when needed to be.

Sparkmon Override

Appearing in Digimon Leader Team, when Sparkmon was trapped inside Diaboromon Virus Mode his power overflowed and he became Sparkmon Override to keep Diaboromon Virus Mode alive. He eventually came to his senses and helped to destroy Diaboromon with the help of Gigimon, Chibomon and PetitFlamemon whilst Agumon destroyed it from the outside.


  • Bubble Blow
  • Serve Thunder (As Sparkmon Override)