Sparrowmon t
Type Machine
Partners CeCe Amano
Ian Kudou

Sparrowmon is one of the main characters in Super Digimon Xros Wars, an official member of Ian's team, Blue Xros Heart.


Sparrowmon looks like a yellow airplane with a brown cap on top of his head. He has a button gadget on his neck. Two of his wings have legs. He has an engine on his back and two guns.


Blue Xros Heart meets Sparrowmon in the Angel Zone, confusing him for the Sparrowmon who has helped Shoutmon. Sparrowmon due to the mix up, finds Blue Xros Heart weird and left. He later helped them by being Xrosed with Flamemon Knight. Angel Zone the Sparrow Knight arrives

Sparrowmon stays by Ian's side and helps him through thick and thin.

When Blue Xros Heart was split up, Sparrowmon landed in Bird Land. When the team was re-assembled, Sparrowmon fought bravely, and was nearly killed. Sparrowmon Digivolves to JetSparrowmon and saves the Kingdom.


  • Wing Edge: Slices the opponent with its wings as it passes through them, while continuously altering its trajectory at high speeds. This technique owes everything to high-altitude technical flying.