Level Champion
Type Animal
Prior forms Puppymon
Next forms Fan:JagerSpearurumon
Partners Jia Yamanuchi

A fan Digimon created by JBolbotowski1.

Spearurumon is an Animal Digimon whose name and design are derived from the spear and the onomatopoeia for a wolf's growl (ガルルル Garururu?), whose apperance is based off a bloodhound with a brown and orange fur. It wears gold diadem with a large silver spear on his forehead, and has a large additional spear on its tail.


  • Spear Buster: Rotates the spear on its head and then shoots it with unerring accuracy.
  • Spearuru Tornado: Enlarges the spear on its tail and then raises a tornado, threatening both ground-based and aerial opponents.
  • Spear Blader: Rides the spear on its tail and spins itself, striking the opponent with its body until it is pulverized.
  • Spear Drill: Rotates the spear on its tail and then drills through its target.