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Spikedramon is an ultimate level digimon that digivolves from Windramon. In Digimon Tamers (season 3) the Digimon bio-merge with their Tamers to become mega level. Takato+Guilmon=Gallantmon to Gallantmon Crimson mode. Henry+Terriermon=MegeGargomon. Rika+Renamon=Sakuyamon. Windmon bio-merges to Speedmon to Speedmon Holy mode to Speedmon Dragon mode. Spikedramon's attacks are:Typhoon breath, spike explosion, iron shield. Special attack:waking tornado. Spikedramon has spike hair, spike ears, and a spike cover neck (on the back) spike covered wings, arms, legs, and tail. Spikedramon is silver and white.

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