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Spirit Frontier TP
The Digimon Spin-Off:
Spirit Frontier
Release date October 17, 2016
Story by CAJH
Directed by CAJH

The Digimon Spin-Off: Spirit Frontier (simply known as Spirit Frontier) is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the third installment of the fanfictional media franchise idea known as the Digiversum. The story borrows many elements from real-life anime Digimon Frontier. The film was announced in June 4, 2016 and its synopsis was released in October 17, 2016. The sequel, Spirit Frontier Decem, was released in January 3, 2017.

A stubborn schoolboy named Theo Robbins, along with four other children around the world, is thrown into the Spirit Frontier, an area from the Digiversum, to find and use the Spirits, ancient artifacts with protective powers against one mysterious creature who empowers himself with Spirits of his own.


(Only the most important details of the plot are written in here, minor details can be imagined by readers themselves. The same thing goes for any possible quotes from the dialogue.)

A boy in Tokyo

In Tokyo, Japan, an ambulance is on its way to Shibuya Station, followed by a police car. Several people have gathered on the place to see what had happened. Paramedics and police officers reach the station go underground through the escalators. A glimpse of 13 years old boy is shown. He was said to have fallen from the escalators and hit his head. But one man says that it was not an accident. But without anyone noticing, two mysterious vortexes in a tunnel are about to disappear. One is colored indigo and the other one is black.

Theo's lessons

One year later, in London, England, an upper school student named Theo Robbins is sitting in a class, listening lectures about sibling relationships. But this is something Theo feels completely unnecessary, since his family life is already all right, and his brother Simon is going to have a birthday tomorrow. He is, however, reprimanded by his teacher about not concentrating or taking lessons seriously, and was told to speak with him after the class.

Teacher was disappointed that Theo was only good at sports but his grades on other things, especially science, math and history, were bad. And now Theo had dared speak against his own teacher and deem social education unnecessary. The teacher asks if Theo has any plans for his future. Theo is unable to answer to that, but claims that everything else in his life is all right. The teacher, however, doesn't those words and tells Theo start doing better in school if he wants to one day graduate from it. Theo asks if he can leave since he must buy a present for Simon. The teacher allows Theo to leave, but warns him for the one last time to take his warning seriously.

The aurora phenomenon

Later at the same day, in Los Angeles, an Italian-born middle school student Gemma Illiano says goodbye to her friends before going into a subway train which would take her back home. However, she was followed by male student named Jonah Sheridan. Jonah had a clear crush on Gemma and he tried to check his smartphone to prevent her from noticing anything. Gemma showed no interest at him at all and started checking her own phone, receiving a text message from someone.

Above Earth's atmosphere, a phenomenon resembling the polar lights started to appear above the city. But no one seemed to notice them, like they would be invisible. The satellites were unable to detect the phenomenon and weren't even damaged by it, since the source didn't seem like it was caused by a solar wind. And unlike normal aurora, two smaller lights reached the ground and were moving into the subway tunnels. They were reaching the very same train Jonah and Gemma were in. Jonah sensed the aurora, while other people seemed not to. He tried to talk to Gemma who only wanted him to leave her along, before Jonah made her watch the aurora too. They were about to figure out why no one else saw the phenomenon. Their phones receive new text messages again, but before they could read them, the aurora reached the train and came into contact with Jonah and Gemma. It was starting to affect their phones and bodies. The other people start to see the two teenagers acting strangely, since they can't see the phenomenon. But the phenomenon starts to affect them too, making their eyes glow for a while. Then, the phenomenon starts to leave North America and move into Europe.

Theo and Trailmon

On next day, in London, Theo was a little bit more focused during class than yesterday. He left the school and was ready to attend his brother's birthday party. He reached the subway station and was waiting for a train to take him back home. He already had a present bought for Simon yesterday, but was carrying it on his bag. He was about to call his parents, but then he received a text message. The sender of the text message was unknown, but it said: "Step into the train and you will accept the invitation." Theo wondered why he would need an invitation for his own brother's birthday, but also thought whether the message had anything to do with it.

The aurora phenomenon had turned into red and was reaching ground. It followed Theo the same way it did with Jonah and Gemma back in Los Angeles. Theo stepped into the train he was waiting for, and received another text message: "Just wait for the light and it take you to your destination". Now Theo was completely confused. Was this some kind of a spam from a doomsday cult? But no one else seemed to have received the message. Then, Theo realized that something was following the train. It was the aurora phenomenon and it was reaching the carriage Theo was sitting in. Theo realized it this was what the message talked about, but before he could speak, the phenomenon reached his body and Theo was unable to speak anything. But when the phenomenon disappeared, Theo realized that something had changed. The train he was in looked different and there were no other passengers. And the train was not moving in a tunnel, but rather above the ground and near of a small town.

Theo decided to walk into the locomotive, and saw how the train was moving all by itself and it had a mechanical eye instead of any windows. Then, Theo heard a voice which told that the train soon reaching its next stop where Theo was supposed to leave. Theo tried to pinch himself, and realized that this was not a dream. He really had somehow ended up into somewhere else from London. Theo also found a mysterious package, but the voice told him to take it with him, but not to open it yet. Then, the train was slowing down as it reached the final stop. The train, calling itself Trailmon, a species tasked to act as transporters between its world and the real world. Theo tried to ask how he would get out of the place. Trailmon reminded that Theo just got here and that he would have to do a certain task to earn a ticket back home. But before Theo could ask what the task was, Trailmon was already leaving. Then, Theo looked at his smartphone where his last text message from the mysterious sender was: "Welcome to the Spirit Frontier of the Digiversum!" Then, Theo looked at the town and saw it being populated by several different creatures. But he also saw two humans among them, Jonah and Gemma.

Exploring the Spirit Frontier

Theo, Jonah and Gemma introduced themselves to each other and started to walk in the streets to explore the place they were in. Jonah and Gemma had received exactly same text messages than Theo, and they had arrived into the Spirit Frontier only two hours before him. But when they started to talk about the time zones of their respective home cities as well the time when the aurora phenomenon appeared to them, they presume that time flows differently faster in the Spirit Frontier than in the real world. They wondered why the place was named Spirit Frontier, since the creatures who inhabited the place were called Digimon a.k.a. "Digital Monsters", and most of them said that Spirits were just an ancient legend and refused to talk about them. They remembered about a news report about a mysterious monster appearing into New York two years earlier and wondered whether that thing was a Digimon too.

Theo then remembered the package he had taken from the train. He opened it and it was revealed to be a large egg with orange stripes. Gemma took the egg from him and refused to let even Jonah touch it, because she thought that someone mature should take care of it. Theo was irritated, but after Gemma had asked his birthday, she said she was three months older than Theo, making Theo youngest of the three. Jonah was 15 years old and had just started high school. They wondered whether finding a place for the egg to stay was the task Trailmon told them about. But it couldn't be the case, because anyone should be able to do that. But then, the egg started to crack. They realized that the egg was hatching and a small white slimy Digimon appeared from it. The three found a mysterious application known as Digimon Analyzer in their phones, telling that it was Poyomon, a Fresh Level Digimon and only a baby. The eggshell glowed with a yellow light and disappeared.

Somewhere else, another human had come into the Spirit Frontier, a Russian boy who was three years younger than Theo or Gemma. He was told to find four others to complete a task before the Trailmon who brought him left. The boy then bumped into a big dog-like Digimon called Dobermon who mysteriously had some knowledge about why humans were in the Spirit Frontier. Dobermon told the boy, named Osip Ivankov, hop on his back. Another mysterious person was watching this with a voice from his smartphone telling him to locate the Spirit.

The first Spirit Evolution

The Digimon around the town started to talk about Dobermon and Osip. Theo, Jonah and Gemma heard about this and decided to go after them, hoping to find more information about what their "task" is. They returned to the railway station, but there was no one. Then their smartphones began to alert about something. They found a mysterious application called D-Scanner which had mysteriously appeared on their phones. The first thing they saw in the application was a map with four signals, but each one showed them differently. Theo's phone was missing a red signal, Jonah's phone was missing a yellow one, and Gemma's phone was missing a purple one. But they all saw other signals, including indigo and white signals. White signal was moving fast, so the three deduced this to be Osip.

Dobermon dropped Osip into an underground labyrinth. There appears a grey rotten and partly mechanized Digimon known as Raremon. Dobermon tells how Osip can help them find what they need to. Osip, who can barely speak English, asks what they want and Dobermon simply tells that Osip should know already and asks him to activate his D-Scanner application. The application map shows a powerful red signal, different from that of signals for other smartphones. But then, Theo, Jonah and Gemma arrived, having detected both Osip's signal and the powerful red signal. Theo's smartphone reacted and a small red idol appeared. Dobermon was surprised and called it a Spirit. Then, he threatened Osip in order to get Theo give it. But the mysterious Japanese boy, called Kaiji, appeared and told Theo to use the D-Scanner on the Spirit.

Theo put his smartphone near of the idol, which turned into red particles and went inside the phone. Then, a menu, featuring an option called Spirit Evolution, appeared. Kaiji told Theo to use the function. Both Theo and Kaiji chose the option. The aurora phenomenon reappeared, with a red-colored one surrounding Theo's body and the indigo-colored surrounding Kaiji's body. After the phenomenon disappeared, Theo and Kaiji had turned into two Digimon. Gemma's D-Scanner application's Digimon Analyzer recognized them as Agnimon and Lobomon, two Human Hybrid Level Digimon, an Evolutionary Stage which is reachable only through Spirit Evolution. Lobomon attacked Raremon who started to defend itself Agnimon decided to face Dobermon and free Osip. Lobomon seemed to already control its abilities, while Agnimon was only beginning to learn to use its own attacks. Luckily, Dobermon was significantly weakened and Osip was freed. Then, the two Hybrid Digimon, along with Jonah, Gemma, Osip and Poyomon, made their escape. Lobomon used the Spirit Degeneration and became the human boy Kaiji Komiyama once again. Theo did the same, degenerating from his own Digimon form. They made their way to back to the railway station, looking for a way to leave the town. The phone showed a new function called Trailmon Call. Some of the children believed that their task was complete, but Kaiji corrected that it was only the beginning.

Duskmon's arrival

Raremon was knocked out, but Dobermon was barely awake. Then, a black cloud came through a large well into the labyrinth. Then, a demonic Digimon called Duskmon appeared from it. He was the one who had enslaved the two to serve him, by threatening their lives. They tell Duskmon how the Human Spirit of Fire was taken by five children and that they also had the Human Spirit of Light. Duskmon is furious and he decides to kill Raremon. But he decides to spare Dobermon, because he may still be useful. And took him into the air and threw him into a Dark Crater which was only few miles away from the town. Then, Duskmon returned to the place where the Human Spirit of Fire was hidden and started to meditate. He saw a vision of Theo Spirit Evolving into Agnimon. But when the vision also showed Kaiji, Duskmon was enraged and vowed to destroy him and the Spirit Warrior of Fire. He knew where the children would be going and prepared to reach the area first by transforming into mysterious flying form and rising into the air.

Story of the Spirits

The children were inside another kind of Trailmon, which was taking into some other place on the Spirit Frontier. Kaiji was sitting further from others, but was able to explain there were more than just Spirits than just the two they had. Theo and Jonah tried to ask him to come to sit with them, but Kaiji refused. He said he would only guide them for a while, but then he wants to be left alone. But then, Poyomon, who was taken care of by Gemma, started to glow. He evolved into Tokomon, a cute white Digimon with sharp teeth. Unlike Poyomon, Tokomon was able to speak. But he surprised others by telling that he knew what Spirits were. He didn't know why he knew such things, but somehow, he just had flashbacks of his previous unknown incarnation. Jonah was skeptical, but Theo was willing to hear the story.

Tokomon told that the Spirits are the remainder of power of Ten Ancient Warriors, a group of Digimon who originally protected the Spirit Frontier. Each Warrior had a power of one element and each element has both a Human Spirit and a Beast Spirit, making the total amount of twenty Spirits. AncientGreymon was the Warrior of Fire and his Human Spirit is what allowed Theo to Spirit Evolve into Agnimon. AncientGarurumon was the Warrior of Light and his Human Spirit allowed Kaiji to Spirit Evolve into Lobomon. But they disappeared and their powers became Spirits after a mysterious disaster destroyed much of the Spirit Frontier and the entire Digiversum. The four Trailmon were only survivors of the larger traveling network of the Spirit Frontier and the original ruling bodies of the Digiversum were significantly weakened and some of them chose to go into very deep sleep until the Digiversum can be restored to its former glory. One of those ruling bodies, the Three Archangels, remained in the Spirit Frontier and remained awake, guarding the Spirits and hiding them into several places. But Tokomon doesn't know what happened to the Archangels, since Trailmon's voice explained that no one has heard of any of them for few years. Many of the Digimon have almost forgotten their existence and the Spirits too, thinking that they're only a myth.

Jonah realizes that the so-called "task" is to find all Spirits, but asks why humans have to be the ones to do that. Tokomon explains that the Spirit Evolution is the only way to access the power of the Spirits and can be done only by humans. If any Digimon would try it, their own data as well as the Spirits would be corrupted. Whoever summoned the children chose each of them to use Spirits of certain element. But when Jonah asked why they were the ones chosen and what would be their respective elements, Tokomon was tired and went to sleep. Gemma told Jonah to let Tokomon rest for a while. Theo shared Jonah's impatience, but wondered why Osip seemed like he was afraid to talk to them.

Duskmon's trap

Duskmon stands before a Dark Crater once again. This crater is near the railway where the Trailmon carrying the children is coming. He touches it and starts to use powerful energy bursts to strike into the railway creating several vortexes. His plan, however, isn't yet complete. He sends something into the vortexes which into several places in the Spirit Frontier. Several Digimon in unknown locations heard a voice: "Hear my voice, inhabitants of the Spirit Frontier. There are intruders in our world. They have come here to gather the Spirits. Destroy the intruders and bring the Spirits to me. But let one intruder stay alive: the one who carries the Human Spirit of Light. If you don't get rid of these intruders, all of you are going to pay a terrible price. Choose wisely and don't even think about betraying me." The small energy balls started to possess some of the Digimon, torturing hem and forcing them to do Duskmon's bidding.

Meanwhile, the Trailmon carrying the children is near of reaching the place where Duskmon is. Kaiji starts to sense something. He takes his phone and sees a large signal in the D-Scanner. He warns everyone that they must jump off the Trailmon. Theo refuses to do so, but then Gemma and Jonah watch their phones and detect the signal as well. Tokomon wakes up and tells everyone to do what Kaiji says. But then, they see Duskmon from the windows. Tokomon recognizes him as the corrupted form of the Human Spirit of Darkness. But before he can warn others, the Trailmon drives into the vortex, without being able to slow down. The Trailmon safely drives through each vortex, but each of the children is sucked into the vortexes. Only Theo, Kaiji and Tokomon managed to jump off the Trailmon in time. Duskmon is furious that Theo managed to avoid his trap and changed into the winged creature originally hiding behind the black cloud. It was Velgrmon, by using the Beast Spirit of Darkness. Tokomon clarified that only a human could Spirit Evolve safely, so Duskmon/Velgrmon was just another human but had become corrupted by using the both Human and Beast Spirits of Darkness. Theo and Kaiji needed to find their own Beast Spirits to be able to defeat their enemy. They made their escape by walking into the forest.


Osip, the youngest of the five, was alone in an underground ice cave. He was afraid that he could not survive alone and remembered how he originally ended up into the Spirit Frontier. He had a strained relationship with his older brother, Yuri, who disliked his younger brother's immaturity and once left him to go home alone. Despite his age, Osip had not found courage go alone. But he had received text messages that told him to find what he needed to. But ending up into the Spirit Frontier had made him much more anxious, since he was in another dimension without knowing how to get back and with children who are not from Russia. He soon found a Candlemon wandering in the caves. He decided to follow it, hoping to find a way out. He ended up into a larger cave with white altar with a small white idol. Osip took his own D-Scanner and realized that it was another Spirit. After the voice from the application told him to get it, Osip saw how several Candlemon were looking at him. It made him fear they planned to do something for him. He quickly grabbed the Spirit and ran away from the altar. Then, all the Candlemon started to chase after him with Duskmon's tormenting energy balls inside them forcing them to do so.

Jonah had ended up near of a factory. The factory was full of enslaved Kokuwamon, mechanical insect-like Digimon. Rather than being enslaved by Duskmon himself, they were working a under a Snimon enslaved by Duskmon. Jonah was unable to just leave and do nothing. He decided to go help the Kokuwamon. His D-Scanner showed a signal of a Spirit nearby. Jonah was excited, believing that by saving the Kokuwamon and having his own Spirit would make Gemma like him more. But he has only one problem: he had no idea how he could reach the Spirit without being caught. Despite, he and Gemma being the only ones from Los Angeles, he feared that either Theo or Kaiji would look more attractive in Gemma's eyes. He cleared his mind and started to make a strategy to infiltrate the place.

In the forest, Theo detected signals of Osip and Jonah through his D-Scanner, and tried to find a way to contact others, but D-Scanner application did not include a chat. Kaiji was about to leave and refused to take Tokomon with him. Theo demanded Kaiji to come back, but he said he needed to face the Spirit of Darkness alone. And in order to so, he had to find the Beast Spirit of Light. Theo swore to find his Beast Spirit before him, but Kaiji asked whether he would be able to control it. Tokomon said that the children must defeat Duskmon together and save the person corrupted by the darkness. Theo opened D-Scanner application and detected signals of Osip and Jonah. But one signal wasn't visible: it was Gemma's.

Three more Human Spirits

Gemma had ended up into a forest village inhabited by several Floramon. While others had trouble detecting her signal, she had trouble detecting others' signals. After hearing Gemma's story, the Floramon told how they were among the few who believed in the Spirits, since one was hidden in their village: the Human Spirit of Air. If it was the element Gemma was meant to carry, she could use its power to contact the other Spirits and therefore locate them. But then, a Woodmon appeared in the area. It was another slave of Duskmon. According to Floramon, a pack of Mushroomon and Woodmon had been their longtime rivals for the control of the village, but never before any of them had come for the Spirit. Gemma goes into the shrine where the Spirit is kept. She touches it, and the Human Spirit of Ice possessed by Osip reacts to it. So, does the Human Spirit of Thunder guarded by Snimon with Jonah witnessing this. Theo and Kaiji detect the disturbance too, from their own D-Scanner applications. As does Duskmon who happens to have his own smartphone with D-Scanner. He telepathically contacts his slaves by telling them to defeat the children and take the Spirits from them.

Osip takes up his phone and sees how Spirit Evolution can now be activated. Gemma sees the same thing on her own phone. In the factory, Jonah decides to just run to the Spirit before Snimon can attack him, since Snimon was now alerted of his presence. Jonah managed to touch the Spirit and managed to activate his own Spirit Evolution. Osip Spirit Evolved into Zakumon and was now able to resist the Candlemon. Gemma Spirit Evolved into Fairymon and fought against Woodmon. Jonah Spirit Evolved into Blitzmon so he could try to convince Snimon to resist Duskmon. During the battle, the Candlemon clearly looked desperate and suffering. Osip tried to convince them they don't need to fight, but the Candlemon were then tortured by Duskmon's powers. Osip refused to stand by and do nothing. Vowing to free the Candlemon, his powers somehow exiled Duskmon's energy out of the Candlemon. Gemma and Jonah somehow felt what their friend had just done and tried to do the same thing. Jonah was easily able to free Snimon, while Fairymon struggled a little bit before freeing Woodmon.

After the Candlemon had been freed, Osip decided to go where he sensed Theo and Kaiji were. Gemma did the same thing before convincing the Floramon to try share the village with the Mushroomon and Woodmon to avoid any conflicts. Snimon was freed and the Kokuwamon thanked Jonah for his help. Now the three were about to reunite and find their way back Theo and Kaiji. Meanwhile, Duskmon was furious about his plan's failure. He decided that it would be time to give Dobermon his second chance.

Visiting Shamanmon Village

Theo and Tokomon could detect all signals again and were happy that Osip, Gemma and Jonah were okay. But now D-Scanner had been updated. They could see two new Spirit signals. According to their color, they could be the Beast Spirits of Fire and Light. They were both detected from a place called Shamanmon Village which was inhabited by several Goblimon who are led by a Shamanmon. Tokomon also wondered whether Shamanmon could him to restore his memories. Kaiji is still determined to go all alone, but Theo and Tokomon are determined to stick with him.

After several hours, the three finally reach the village. Goblimon weren't very fond of outsiders. Shamanmon never lets outsiders to stay in the village, unless they have a reason. He asks to check their phones. After finding D-Scanner application from them, he was convinced that the two are "Spirit Warriors" of Fire and Light. Spirit Warrior is a title for a human meant to carry Spirits. Theo and Kaiji tell how they have come to find the Beast Spirits. Shamanmon is already aware that the Beast Spirits of Fire and Light are in the village. And he knows how Spirit Warriors of Ice, Air and Thunder are on their way to the village as well. But so were the slaves of the Spirit Warrior of Darkness. Shamanmon promised to take the boys to the secret hiding place of the two Beast Spirits. When Tokomon asked assistance for restoring his own memories, Shamanmon simply responded that Tokomon only needs to evolve further from In-Training Level.

Shamanmon also told that the task of the Spirit Warriors was only one of many. And the first task was the reason why they were called here. The first task was not to find yet all the twenty Spirits. It was to purify the Spirits of Darkness which had been corrupted by the power from the Dark Craters which were left behind by the very same disaster responsible for the current state of the Digiversum. Theo was unable to believe that Darkness was a force of good. Shamanmon said that Darkness was of one of the ten elements of the Ancient Warriors, but that Duskmon and Velgrmon were not the true Digimon forms the Spirit Warrior of Darkness was meant to take. Theo asked who the Spirit Warrior of Darkness was. Shamanmon said that Kaiji is the one who knows it. Kaiji just ran into the place where the Beast Spirits we said to be with Theo angrily trying to follow him. Kaiji tells that he has to defeat Duskmon alone, because he claims it's his responsibility. But then, two Digimon attack the village: Cerberumon and Triceramon.

Losing control of Fire

Kaiji had just taken up the Beast Spirit of Light and prepared to use it for the first time. This time he Spirit Evolves into a four-legged Digimon named GarmGarurumon. Kaiji remembered how his Lobomon form was only easy to control only because of walking with two legs. But his attacks require understanding as well. He had found the Spirit eight months ago, but it had taken this long to find the Beast Spirit. Theo was unable to let Kaiji be the only hero of this battle and took the Beast Spirit of Fire. Shamanmon and Tokomon tried to warn him of the inability to control the Beast Spirit as easily as the Human Spirit. But Theo activated the Spirit Evolution and became VritraGreymon. While GarmGarurumon tried to casually use his attacks on Triceramon, VritraGreymon chose to face Cerberumon in a rematch, since it was revealed that Cerberumon had evolved from Dobermon through the power of a Dark Crater imbued to him by Duskmon. But VritraGreymon's attack caused much damage than intended. It destroyed part of the village.

GarmGarurumon said that he was right about Theo's hotheaded attitude all along as well as the feral nature of the Beast Spirits. He himself had prepared for it, but Theo hadn't. He tried to stop VritraGreymon, but VritraGreymon started to bite him painfully. VritraGreymon tried to defend himself by telling that GarmGarurumon tried to interfere with him. But then VritraGreymon started to feel painful too. Tokomon tried to talk to VritraGreymon, but ended up being wounded too. This wasn't what Theo wanted, so he tried to return to his human form. He succeeded, but felt very shameful. After returning to his own human form, Kaiji was angry at Theo for endangering not only his friends but also himself. Theo said he only wanted to be a hero who could complete his mission like he believed was meant to. But Kaiji believed that Theo only wanted to get back into the real world. He told how he himself was patient was ready to wait several months and even years to be ready to defeat Duskmon. He considered thinking and preparing much more important than straight action before asking how Theo would react if he would accidentally hurt or even kill his own family member. Theo was smart enough to deduce that the Spirit Warrior of Darkness was a relative of Kaiji. Kaiji finally admitted that it was true. Then, their phones started to react and a bright light surrounded them both.

The vision of Kaiji's past

After Theo and Kaiji opened their eyes, they found themselves in Tokyo. Kaiji looked at the timetables and realized that they were in the past. Somehow the Spirits had made them travel in time and Kaiji remembered that they were in the same day he ended up into the Spirit Frontier, exactly one year before when Theo's time. But it was the day Kaiji didn't want to remember. When Theo asked why, Kaiji told that he would see it very soon.

They went into the Shibuya Station. That's where they saw a past version of Kaiji. There was also another boy who clothes were the only thing different from Kaiji. It was Kazuo, Kaiji's twin brother. They seemed to have an argument. Kaiji told Theo in English what the argument was all about. Their parents had been divorced for few years. Kaiji had once blamed their mother from it and now he refused to meet her anymore to avoid the painful memories from returning. Kazuo instead had left with his mother, while their father had married another woman. After their grandmother had died, Kazuo insisted Kaiji to make amends with their mother and move on from the past. The argument started to become a little bit violent and then, Kazuo lost his balance and fell from the escalator. Kaiji was horrified about what he had done. He ran off into a train, but that was the moment the Spirit Lights took him into the Spirit Frontier. But now they saw how the Lights also separated Kazuo's mind from his body and took it into the Spirit Frontier as well.

Then, they were transported into other places. The first one was a hospital where Kazuo was lying in coma. The second place was a Dark Crater where Kazuo's spirit became corrupted. The corrupted Kazuo blamed his twin brother from abandoning their mother and from causing his coma. He had found the Spirits of Darkness and corrupted them as well. Then, Theo and Kaiji found themselves in Shamanmon Village again. According to Shamanmon, the Spirits also have small power to affect time and space. The Spirits of Fire and Light had together taken into the past to reveal the origin of the Spirit Warrior of Darkness. Only humans or Yggdrasill, a dormant being who once existed everywhere in the Digiversum, can purify the Dark Craters. The humans were invited into the Digiversum to save it. But to do that, they must now save one of their own.

Reunion of the Spirit Warriors

Then, something approached the village. It was Zakumon, Fairymon and Blitzmon, each of them coming from separate directions. They returned to their human forms. Osip was glad that they were all right. Theo was surprised that he was finally ready to talk to them. Osip simply said he found his courage. Jonah tried to impress Gemma by telling that he found his own Human Spirit as well. But Gemma simply asked what was so special about it, making Jonah disappointed once again. Theo and Kaiji said they had found their own Beast Spirit, but they still needed to learn to control them better to defeat Duskmon.

Meanwhile, Tokomon came out of Shamanmon's house, having been healed from his wounds. He also felt a little bit powered up, and started to evolve. After evolving into his Rookie Level form, Patamon, he started to have glimpses of his past. He finally remembered who he was: his Mega form Seraphimon is one of the Three Archangels. That is why he remembered the legend of the Spirits and could guide the Spirit Warriors. He had remembered how something had caused his death several years ago, but knowing about the nature of Spirits and that the Spirit Warriors wound bring themselves into the Spirit Frontier in time, he had ensured that they receive his egg and keep him safe until he would be restored to his full power. Patamon said that he had to be taken into one of the Shrines of Rebirth to be taken care of. Shamanmon decided to guide them into the railway station where a Trailmon would take them there. But then, Cerberumon and Triceramon were revealed to have survived and still be under Duskmon's influence. Trailmon told them to come in and before the children took off, Shamanmon revealed that the power of time and space will take them home after the task is complete. Then, Velgrmon appeared and took both Cerberumon and Triceramon with him to reach the Shrine first.

Inside Trailmon, Theo and Kaiji had explained everything to their comrades. Kaiji revealed that he was just afraid a little bit. Even though Kazuo would be freed, he was unsure if he would ever wake up from his coma or if his parents would decide to do euthanasia before he could return. He was also afraid whether he would be brave enough to move on from his parent's divorce. Theo said that his own family bonds weren't very strong either. He never actually hated Simon, but didn't love him much either. But after hearing Kaiji's story, he understood how important thing brotherhood was. They were soon reaching the Shrine of Rebirth, but much to their horror, Cerberumon, Triceramon and Duskmon were already there.

The Battle of Six Spirits

Kaiji shouted his brother's name and Duskmon returned to his human form whose eyeballs were turned completely black. The corrupted Kazuo finally confronted his brother, telling how Kaiji had ruined the life of their family and how it was his fault that he was now meant to help one of those who are meant to cover the Digiversum with darkness. Kazuo was willing to let Cerberumon and Triceramon destroy the Shrine entirely, preventing any Digimon from ever being reborn. Swanmon, caretaker of the Shrine was ready to defend it until death. Theo refused to let any more lives and relationships from being ruined and said how the Spirit Warriors would confront him outside of the Shrine where no one would be hurt. Kaiji, Osip, Gemma and Jonah agreed. Patamon decided to stay with Swanmon and wished them good luck in their battle.

Kazuo Spirit Evolved into Duskmon, with the Spirit Warriors taking their Human Spirit forms as well. They knew they had the advantage by using Human Spirit form whenever their enemy would and do the same thing with their Beast Spirit forms. But Kazuo was the only one who had mastered the Slide Evolution, changing from Human form into Beast form and vice versa. He took his Velgrmon form after realizing that five Human Spirit forms were too powerful for him. Theo and Kaiji prepared to take the Beast Spirit forms by using Slide Evolution. They succeeded and tried to remain focused about having fight like beasts, rather than humans. But since Osip, Gemma and Jonah didn't have their own Beast Spirits, fighting was a little bit harder for them. Velgrmon, however, prepared to drain even more power from the Dark Craters. Zakumon, Fairymon and Blitzmon remembered how they had used their powers to purify some of Duskmon's slaves and tried to use that same technique again. Velgrmon seems to be too powerful, but Cerberumon and Triceramon were immediately purified and returned to their previous forms: Dobermon and Monochromon.

The powers combined with that of Velgrmon's and caused the Spirit Lights to appear all around the Spirit Frontier. The six Spirit Warriors had ended up continuing their battle in the skies. They also saw several vortexes showing windows to the same places where each of them had been in the real world before ending up into the Spirit Frontier. Theo remembered how the Spirits gave them power to travel into the past. He realized that the Spirit Lights that originally brought them here were done by their future selves. Kaiji wanted to use it change the past in order to prevent Kazuo from ending up into coma, but Theo prevented him from doing that. He said he believed that there is a reason why the Spirit Warriors are needed. Velgrmon started to make sure that the spirit of Kazuo's past version would end up into the past version of the Spirit Frontier. Gemma was certain that they can find a way to purify Kazuo even without changing the past. Osip and Jonah agreed.

Return of the true Spirit of Darkness

Luckily, the time windows opened by the Spirit Lights were not synchronized at passing of time at the same speed with the present. So, the Spirit Warriors still had time ensure that their own past selves would end up into the Spirit Frontier as well as send messages into their somehow already existing D-Scanner applications before they would purify Kazuo's spirit. But, after the paradox created by Velgrmon was complete, GarmGarurumon managed to send his own Spirit Lights to ensure that his own past will remain the same, but when he would return to the real world it would be the present version of Japan. When VritraGreymon and GarmGarurumon started to use their purifying powers together, Kaiji's voice also talked to Kazuo and apologized for his past mistakes and being coward. Osip's voice told how he had been coward too and it was the reason why he was taken into the Spirit Frontier. These experiences had them stronger. Jonah had previously only cared about impressing Gemma, but knew that they had to work together to return to their home. Their powers could separate Kazuo and the Spirits of Darkness from Velgrmon. But the power drained from the Dark Craters had formed a separate embodiment who changed between forms of Duskmon and Velgrmon.

Kazuo's spirit said that he was able to use his own phone and D-Scanner and prepared to take a physical form with the real Spirits of Darkness. The L Spirit of Darkness, the purified version of Human Spirit, changed him into Lowemon. Lowemon told that he would fight against Duskmon's embodiment by himself and told others use their own Spirit Lights to ensure that their past selves will end up into the Spirit Frontier and that they can return home. Duskmon tried to prevent and changed into Velgrmon, but then Lowemon Slide Evolved into EmperorLowemon. But the other Spirit Warriors used their powers in both directions. Velgrmon changed between his current form and Duskmon form until it became unstable and started to disintegrate. When it was destroyed, each of the Dark Craters Kazuo's corrupted form had taken power from was also purified.

Now all the Spirit Warriors had to do was to return to their own world before it would be too late. Kaiji didn't want to leave his brother, but Kazuo said that he was still only a spirit separated from a body. He told he would find a way to wake up from his coma and told Kaiji to ensure their parents will keep his body alive. Kazuo also told Theo and Osip to ensure that their respective family relationships will heal. Theo said how he would never miss his own brother's birthday. After the Spirit Warriors had left back into the real world, the Spirit Lights above the Spirit Frontier disappeared.

Returning home

Kaiji had ended up back into Shibuya Station. He ran into the hospital and asked where Kazuo Komiyama was kept. He saw his father, stepmother and biological mother in the room. When Kaiji proved that he really had returned, they were overjoyed about it. Kaiji told that he doesn't his brother to die just yet. Kaiji's father told that they had no courage to do the euthanasia. They didn't want to lose their "remaining" son. Kaiji said that he believed how Kazuo would one day wake up. He said he had a story to tell that no one would believe. Kaiji had not been declared dead, but would have to think what kind of a cover story he would tell the police.

Theo woke up in the same subway train where he was taken into the Spirit Frontier. He opened his schoolbag and found the present he bought for Simon. D-Scanner was still on his phone, so everything that happened was not a dream and one day he would return to the Spirit Frontier. After he left the train he ran into his house. He was in time and wished happy birthday for his brother. Theo was no longer the same person he was before visiting the Spirit Frontier. In the evening, he checked his D-Scanner application and found out that it was updated with a chat. He had received messages from Kaiji telling how had made amends with his family and Osip with his big brother. Gemma and Jonah joined into the chat as well telling how they wished to meet one day in the real world as well. Theo said they had their own lives, but they would be older, they would meet each other again. Until then, they first had to wait for the right time to return to the Spirit Frontier and solve the mystery of the missing eight Spirits.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Hybrid Other
  • Kazuo Komiyama (1)
  • Theo Robbins (2)
  • Theo's teacher (3)
  • Gemma Illiano (4)
  • Jonah Sheridan (5)
  • Osip Ivankov (8)
  • Kaiji Komiyama (10)
  • Yuri Ivankov (18)
  • Kaiji's father (38)
  • Kaiji's mother (39)
  • Kaiji's stepmother (40)
  • Simon Robbins (41)
  • Theo's parents (42)

  • D-Scanner (11)


  • The main focuses of the film are Theo, Kaiji, Osip, Gemma, Jonah and Kazuo becoming the Spirit Warriors as well as Theo learning the importance of family relationships through Kaiji's personal problems.
  • Despite the story being inspired by Digimon Frontier, there are several differences:
    • Trailmon types are not named, like in Digimon Frontier.
    • Bokomon and Neemon are absent, and their role is shared between Tokomon and Shamanmon, with Tokomon acting as the guide and Shamanmon being simply visited by the Spirit Warriors and explaining more about the Spirits.
    • Kaiji and Kazuo are the only Japanese members of the group, while in Digimon Frontier everyone was Japanese.
    • While Takuya Kanbara simply visited the past by stepping into Dark Trailmon, Theo and Kaiji visited the past when their Spirits manipulated time and space.
  • The idea of making of Duskmon/Velgrmon (Velgemon in English dub) the antagonist of the film was inspired by a version of the character appearing as a minion of Cherubimon in Digimon Frontier, with the only difference being that the film version was independent and simply enslaved other Digimon to work for him.
  • The film includes one easter egg from Digimon when Theo, Gemma and Jonah remember a news report about of Morrismon's rampage in New York.



A sequel to Spirit Frontier was announced in July 21, 2016, and it was planned to be the seventh installment of the Digiversum, after Digimon 2, V-Tamer: 2nd Round and DigiFuse. All six Spirit Warriors and Patamon will return, with one of the familiar Digimon from Digimon Frontier appearing as the main antagonist. When Spirit Frontier was released, title of the sequel was revealed to be Spirit Frontier Decem and the film was released in January 3, 2017.