Spirits of Magic

The Spirits of Magic are the legacy of the Warrior of Magic, AncientWizardmon. When AncientWizardmon fell in the battle against Lucemon, AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon hid the Spirits of Magic in separate locations, then out of the shame they felt for letting him die, erased him from history. When called to the Digital World, Blain becomes the wielder of the Spirits of Magic. the Human Spirit of Magic looks like Magicimon's clothes from the waist up, and the Beast Spirit resembles Enchanterdramon arranged as a staff.

Associated Digimon

Human Spirit

The Human Spirit of Magic is held by Blain, and allows him to Spirit Evolve into Magicimon. It was hidden inside the Cave of Magic, and was guarded by Wizardmon, who wielded it himself to test whoever tried to take the spirit. When Blain fell into the cave, Wizardmon, testing him, told him of the Spirit Of Magic. Blain, already knowing of Spirit Evolution after seeing Takuya and the others Spirit Evolve before, accepted the challenge. Wizardmon Spirit evolved into Magicimon, and was about to delete Blain, but his phone started to glow, and it turned into a D-Tector! Then Magicimon degenerated back into Wizardmon, and the spirit came to him. He then spirit evolved into Magicimon, and the trial was complete!

Beast Spirit

The Beast Spirit of Magic is held by Blain, and allows him to Spirit Evolve into Enchanterdramon. It was hidden beneath the City of Magic, and was guarded by Dracomon, who wielded it himself to test whoever tried to take the spirit. When Blain was in the sewers, Dracomon, testing him, told him of AncientWizardmon. Blain, already wielding the Human Spirit, accepted the challenge. Blain Spirit Evolved into Magicimon and Dracomon became Enchanterdramon, but Magicimon was no match for the much more powerful Enchanterdramon. Then, Magicimon came up with a plan, hitting Entchanterdramon with his Magic staff attack in the spot where he knew the armor would be weakest! Enchanterdramon degenerated back into Dracomon, but wasn't about to give up, so he Digivolved into BlueCoredramon and started beating Magicimon until he degenerated! Then, Blain Spirit evolved into Enchanterdramon, and when Coredramon saw that, the trial was complete.

Fusion Evolution

The Fusion Evolved Form of the Warrior of Magic is Clerimon, and is first achieved by Blain while he was in the Castle of Magic, AncientWizardmon's home. A Digimon named Mistymon was guarding what he called, "the essence of Magic." When he saw Blain, Takuya and the others, he attacked. Blain Spirit Evolved into Enchanterdramon, and he had the upper hand until Mistymon used some of that "essence" to Mega Digivolve into MedievalDukemon, and started to kick Enchanterdramon's butt. Enchanterdramon Degenerated into Blain, who fell into the essence! The essence was actually a pool of magical energy from AncientWizardmon's home dimension, Witchelny. The pool gave the two Spirits enough energy for him to Fusion Evolve into Clerimon, who was able to beat MedievalDukemon, and Scan his Fractal Code!

Transcendent Form

The form Blain takes after Unified Spirit Evolution, RoyalWizardmon, and its association with Magic seems to be in part due to Blain's own affinity with the element. This form is first achieved by Blain while he is fighting Barbamon. He achieves this form while fighting the evil counterparts of his spirits, Devidramon, DarkWizardmon, and WaruMistymon. At first, he easily beats the first two by Spirit Evolving into Clerimon, but when they become WaruMistymon, he not only starts to attack him physically, but verbally and emotionally as well, with comments like "You are a pathetic liar!" and "You try to act tough, but inside your scared and weak!" and "You don't deserve to be a hero!" These verbal assaults shatter Clerimon's confidence, and he degenerates back into Blain, and waits for them to end it. Then, Takuya and the others, having already beaten BlackWarGreymon, Okuwamon, BlackJetSilphymon, BlackZudomon, BlackMetalGarurumon, and TsubasaKagemon, go into the dark orb surrounding the fight, and tell Blain that he's not any of those things. Blain, his confidence restored, uses Takuya, Zoe, and Tommy's Spirits, as well as the spirits of wood and earth, to Unified Spirit Evolve into RoyalWizardmon, something the evil counterpart couldn't copy because he wasn't a human using a spirit, and deleted WaruMistymon!

Legendary Spirit Evolution

The Legendary Ancient Warrior of Magic, AncientWizardmon, was defeated in the battle against Lucemon. But, when Blain was able to supercharge the Spirits of Magic in the Temple of Magic, he was able to Legendary Spirit Evolve into AncientWizardmon!