The Spirits of Meditation(瞑想スピリット) are the reincarnation of Aeomon's spirit and almost limitless will. The lost power of the Third Symyl, the Digiegg of Meditation quested after by Elkormon long ago that was manifested to its utmost limits in Aeomon, changing his very being and will and unlocking a far-flung rebirth-process at the end of his life.

Associated Digimon

Long after the saga of the Metal Empire Siblings and the Symyl War had become little more than myth, a blazing aura appeared in the twilit-dawn and flashed forth a set of stars, one of which crashed into the domain of the former Kensmon primary village, abandoned generations prior.

The S Spirit of Meditation therein was stumbled upon by an Atanimon and so revived that ancient power in a new form. The other Spirits of Meditation were eventually hunted down and triggered the next progression in the line.

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