Spirits of Rage

The Spirits of Rage were another set of spirits just like those of flame or light. As the spirits of the ten legendary warriors lived on after their destruction, so did those of AncientGoramon and AncientGarumon, two legendary digimon within the Forest of Rage. AncientGoramon left the Human Spirit of Rage while AncientGarumon the Beast.

Human Spirit of Rage

The Human Spirit of Rage is the spirit AncientGoramon left behind after his destruction in ancient times. AncientGoramon tried to be a preserver of the peace between the human and beast digimon during their battles, but was destroyed as a result, the new Deagaramon, as their can only be one Deagaramon at a time, preserved the spirit ofAncientGoramon. This spirit is used by Andrew Usher to become Deagoramon

Beast Spirit of Rage

The Beast Spirit of Rage is the spirit AncientGarumon left behind after his destruction. AncientGarumon was the protector of the Forest of Rage during the war between human and beast digimon. The Forest of Rage declared itself neutral in the war and was attacked by both sides because of it. AncientGarumon was destroyed by Lucemon during his reign of terror. This spirit is used by Andrew Usher to become BurningGarumon

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