Warriors of Yin

The Warriors of Yin are the Spirit Evolved forms of Dusk Yatama in the FanFic Digimon Frontier: Yin-Yang.

Human Spirit of Yin

This Spirit allow Dusk to become Yinmon, a Champion Digimon. Yinmon resembles an angel with the Yin Mask, a white mask with two black dots for eyes. He has multiple different forms. Attacks:

Yin Beam- Exclusive to Yinmon. Blasts a white energy beam.

Angel Gust- Exclusive to Yinmon. Yinmon's wings create a powerful, sparkling tornado. Strongest against evil digimon.

Pure Water- Exclusive to Water Form. Blasts a torrent of clear water. Strongest against evil digimon.

Tropic Wing- Exclusive to Tropical Form. Leaf-like wings are used to either smash the enemy or create powerful winds.

Metallic Blow- Exclusive to Metallic Form. A strong punching attack.

Brick Smash- Exclusive to Brick Form. A karate chop attack.

Venus Fly Trap- Exclusive to Grass Form. Yinmon Grass Form chomps his opponents.

Yin-Yang Beam- A twin attack with Yangmon. Yin Beam and Yang Beam are combined.

Beast Spirit of Yin

This Spirit allows Dusk to become DarkYinmon, a Wolf of Balance and Yinmon's Ultimate form. He resembles a white wolf with black stripes, four white wings and four black wings. Attacks:

Dark Blades- Black circular blades are launched from DarkYinmon's wings.

Wolf Punch- DarkYinmon smashes his opponent with powerful paws.

Yin Howl- A howling attack that makes all Wolves of Balance stronger.

Balance Blast- All eight of DarkYinmon's wings blast black and white sonic booms.

Fusion Spirit of Yin

This Spirit is a fusion of the Human and Beast Spirits of Yin, with which Dusk evolves into Yinmon's Mega Form, HikariYinmon. HikariYinmon resembles AncientGarurumon with the Yin Mask. His swords are called 'Yin Javelin.' All of HikariYinmon's attacks are strongest against evil digimon. Attacks:

Javelin of Light- Throws his Yin Javelin at his opponents like a boomerang.

Hikari Portal- Creates a portal which sucks his opponents and spits them out. Something inside attacks them.

YinYang Spirit

This is Dusk's most powerful Spirit Evolution. It is a fusion Spirit Evolution with his twin sister, Dawn. They become YinYangmon, an Ultra-level Digimon. YinYangmon resembles Yinmon and Yangmon but with one angel wing, one demon wing, and a YinYang Mask, a fusionof the Yin and Yang Masks. Attacks:

Spirit Fire- A stronger, larger version of Yin-Yang Beam.

Balance Vortex- YinYangmon spins aroun and causes a black and white tornado.

Ultima Fusion Frenzy- YinYangmon creates two orbs, one of light and one of darkness. The orbs are fused together and blasted at the opponent.

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