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Level Champion/Armor
Type Ocean Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Deep Savers
Virus Busters
Prior forms Gomamon+ Digi-Egg of Reliability
Next forms Ikkakumon through Slide Evolution

SplashIkkakumon is a fan-made Digimon, which is the Armor Digivolved form of Gomamon with the Digi-Egg of Reliability. SplashIkkakumon resembles a blue Korikakumon without axes. Attacks:

Diving Rescue- Dives underwater then resurfaces to rescue an ally.

Dive Attack- SplashIkkakumon dives underwater then resurfaces abruptly to attack his opponent(s).

Splashing Axes- Smashes his fists to create shockwaves, which are sent to his opponents. It is also used by SplashIkkakumon creating water axes and throwing them at his opponents.

Aquatic Kick- Covers SplashIkkakumon's feet in a watery aura and he kicks his opponents.

Aquatic Punch- Covers SplashIkkakumon's hands in a watery aura and he punches his opponents.

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