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Stakuya Danbara
(Danbara Stakuya)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Ryoko Shiraishi
Partner(s):Snarldramon, Freedom Xros Heart
Freedom Xros Heart United Army
Digivice(s):Red X Loader with blue buttons
Age 14
Grade 8th
Gender Male
Known relatives Mrs. Danbara (Mother)
Mr. Danbara (Father)
Earl Danbara (Uncle)
Nationality Half-American
Occupation Student
General of Freedom Xros Heart
General of Freedom Xros Heart United Army
Captain of Freedom Xros Heart (basketball team)


Like most of the lead protagonists, Stakuya wears goggles. Interestingly, his design resembles a "fusion" of traits of previous male leads. He seems to have a mix of Tai's, Takato's, and Takuya's hairstyles, with Tai's white gloves, Davis's hair color, Takato's blue shirt, shorts and tennis shoes, and the reddish vest colors from both Takuya and Marcus.


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