Level Rookie
Type Ancient Dragon Soldier
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Virus Busters
Partners Fan:Thomas Kasuto
Voice actors (En:) James Patrick Stewart

Statuedramon is an Ancient Dragon Soldier Digimon whose name and design are derived from "statue" and "dragon." He resembles an ancient bronze statue, and it is able to pass itself off as one. He is an ancient species of Digimon that seems to have been around since the beginning of the world's creation, but not much is known about him this at this time. However, he seems to be a relative of either Agumon of Commandramon.


Statuedramon has been shown to be a rather clumsy Digimon, a polar opposite to his human partner, Thomas. He is shown to enjoy food to the point of addiction, as many Digimon from the Anime have.

He is, however, an incredibly loyal and faithful Digimon partner and friend.


At the beginning of Lilithmon's Epic, Statuedramon was shown walking through Cyprus Desert with Thomas, away from a horde of enraged bandits. However, he manages to convince Thomas to take a quick rest in Caladium Village. While there, the bandits attack, and Thomas is knocked unconscious by a Minotarumon. The Minotarumon was stopped from attacking by a Renamon. The Renamon's partner, a young woman named Zelda, then came to the aid of the unconscious Thomas.

Later, at Caladium Village, Thomas and Statuedramon defeated and killed the bandit Etemon.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Sword of Dragon's Soul: Statuedramon's sword fires a transparent projectile at the enemy. However, if he has absorbed an enemy's attack with his Dimensional Shield attack, the attack will take on the elemental properties of that attack. For example, absorbing an Agumon's Pepper Breath would cause the attack to take on a reddish hue and become a fire element attack.
  • Dimensional Shield: Nearly every Digimon attack can be absorbed into the mouth design on his shield. Within the shield lies a separate dimension where Statch can also store anything from maps and food to swords, and anything else in between.


  • Thomas Kasuto: Statuedramon and Thomas share a very close bond of trust and friendship. Due to their opposing personalities, the two argue constantly over trivial matters, but their friendship never wavers.


"“I thought of your well-being before mine while I was hungry. Wasn’t that nice of me? How are you going to thank me?”


Proud Fight (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) [1]