Stealth Suitmon
Level Armor
Type Cyborg
Attribute Variable
Family Metal Empire
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Suitmon
Partners Hiro Kou
Tobias Ryder
Crimson Blaze Army

Stealth Suitmon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Suitmon," science-fiction style battle armor, cloaking and submarine technology. Stealth Suitmon was born from a Suitmon that used the the Ancient Power of Sincerity to achieve a form of pseudo evolution called "Enhancement Evolution." Because Enhancement Evolution is a type of pseudo evolution, Steam Suitmon is classified as an Armor Level Digimon.

It resembles an adult form of Suitmon a slim upper body and a bulkier lower body, and it is silver with sky blue stripes. On its back, it carries a jet pack meant to accelerate travel underwater, and on the back of its legs are what appears to be the wings of a stealth fighter. The jet pack doubles as an advanced cloaking device, able to cloak only Stealth Suitmon or create barriers that cloak an entire area, making Stealth Suitmon perfect for covert operations. As it prefers to work in the shadows and near water, it is not a stretch to say that this evolution was created to compliment the U.S. Navy Seals. It has great hand to hand combat skill fighting with a style that mostly utilizes kicks and surprise attacks, and its special attack is firing a bolt of energy that stuns the foe (Shock Pulse).

It bears the Crest of Sincerity (Reliability in English) on its chest and legs.


  • Shock Pulse: Fires a pulse ring that stuns enemies. Has a greater radius and travel time under water.
  • Cloak Mode: Turns invisible. Does not need a verbal command to activate.
  • Cloak Field: Generates a barrier from its stealth pack that turns an area around it invisible. An increasingly large barrier requires more effort, and if the barrier reaches a certain size, Stealth Suitmon must remain immobile in order to maintain it.
  • Assassin's Wheel: Performs a flying spinning kick that utilizes the stealth wings/blades on Stealth Suitmon's legs.
  • S-Suit Up (Stealth Suit Up): Stealth Suitmon attaches to a human or Digimon and is worn like battle armor. Unlike a DigiXros, Stealth Suitmon can exhibit control if it pleases, and does not actually merge with the human or Digimon.

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