Steam Suitmon
Level Armor
Type Cyborg
Attribute Variable
Family Metal Empire
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Suitmon
Partners Hiro Kou
Tobias Ryder
Crimson Blaze Army

Steam Suitmon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Suitmon," science-fiction style battle armor, and steampunk technology. Steam Suitmon was born from a Suitmon that used the the Ancient Power of Knowledge to achieve a form of pseudo evolution called "Enhancement Evolution." Because Enhancement Evolution is a type of pseudo evolution, Steam Suitmon is classified as an Armor Level Digimon.

It resembles an adult form of Suitmon, now dark violet in color and much bulkier, with a beetle-esque horn on its head; a threatening appearence that is a stark contrast to its passive nature. It carries a steam engine on its back, and the steam that powers its strong body is released by three exhaust pipes on each of its broad shoulders. Its forearms are unnaturally huge and strong, perfect for preforming the heavy labor Steam Suitmon chooses to perform. Its philosophy is a simple one; true wisdom comes from laboring through life and assisting others. Because of this, it has been known to perform various community services like building houses and repairing bridges without any form of payment and its generosity is well known. This doesn't make it less capable of a fighter however; its special attack is using electrically charged fist to smash the opponent, in which it uses its steam engine to produce electricity. (Steampunk Breaker)


  • Steampunk Breaker: Crushes the foe with electrically charged fist.
  • Steam Rush: It blows steam from its exhaust pipes and tackles the foe.
  • ST-Suit up (Steam Suit Up): Steam Suitmon attaches to a human or Digimon and is worn like battle armor. Unlike a DigiXros, Steam Suitmon can exhibit control if it pleases, and does not actually merge with the human or Digimon.

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