Stella Gyllenberg
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Data Squad: The Legendary Dragon Fire
Partner(s):Ryudamon, Dracomon
Digivice(s):Fire Blue and White Data Link Digivice with Black ring and Lavender Screen
White and Fire Blue Digivice Burst with Lavender Screen
Age 20
Date of birth May 22
Gender Female
Known relatives Oliver (Half-brother)
Camilla (Sister-in-law)
Nationality Half-Swedish, Half-Hungarian
Occupation DATS Officer
The Holy Dragon Priestess


Stella is a shy and quiet, but kind and intelligent woman who wears a black/red DATS female outfit. She is 185 cm tall and has pale cream skin. She has more than shoulder-length semi-wavy chestnut brown hair, and sea-blue eyes and also wears red-rammed glasses, but it will be replaced with dark blue-rammed glasses later. She also has few autistic behaviors. Stella first used a fake surname “Fehér” before her true surname was revealed.

File:Stella's Digivice Data Link.png
File:Stella's Digivice Burst.png

Meeting Her Digimon(s)

Stella met Ryudamon on her home country when he rescued her from a group men rapist who tried to rape Stella when she was lost. Ryudamon told Stella they were meant to be partners and handed over a Data Link Digivice to his partner, which was later revealed it was Spencer Damon who made the Digivice.

Dracomon came to the Human World as Babydmon along with Biyomon’s Digi-Egg and were found by Kristy Damon and Sarah Damon. After Falcomon tried to bring back Puwamon and Babydmon to the Digital World, but had to flee afterwards, Babydmon digivolved into Dracomon and it was revealed that Stella’s D.N.A. was responsible for his digivolving.

In Digimon Data Squad

Coming Soon

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