Level Mega
Type Mutant
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms SuperStarmon

Stellarmon is a Mutant Digimon whose name and design come from "interstellar." He is a Digimon that can survive in deep space and has no fixed domain, instead freely roaming around the cosmos. Stellarmon is a Digimon with locked gender encoding, always being male. He controls the power of light through stars and cosmic energy. Stellarmon is a member of the Mega Dragon Tamers, and his dragon familiar is Cosmodramon.


Stellarmon has the appearance of a low-mid-20s man with black eyes and yellow hair. In his human form, his hair falls freely down, and he wears a simple teal shirt, white pants, and blue shoes. As Stellarmon, his hair becomes spiked into five spikes akin to a star's points, and his outfit is a yellow armored top with blue star designs on them, armored bottoms designed to look like deep space, and yellow armored boots. The top and bottoms and connected. Two stars constantly float around him, connected to his neck by yellow beams, making them akin to scarves.

Digimon Data Squad Fanfiction

Stellarmon appears alongside Cosmodramon and the rest of the Mega Dragon Tamers in a Digimon Data Squad Fanfiction written by Taylor Gorrell. In this fic, Stellarmon is portrayed as a laid-back and playful character who enjoys messing with his opponents and does not actually want to kill them. He faces the DATS squad in space but is defeated along with Cosmodramon.


  • Stellar Storm - Forms a gateway that appears like deep space which fires a large wave of star-shaped projectiles at his targets.
  • Meteor Charge - Gathers cosmic energy into his head before darting toward his opponents like a living missile.
  • Meteor Impact - Gathers cosmic energy into his fist before slamming the ground with it, causing a powerful shockwave akin to a meteor hitting the planet.
  • Star Spinner - Disconnects the energy beams from the stars and forces them to orbit him while spinning rapidly, acting as an offensive barrier.
  • Recovery Wish - Makes a blue star arc over someone of his choice, dropping white sparkles over them that replenish their strength.