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Level In-Training
Type Micro
Attribute Unknown
Family Unknown
Prior forms N/A
Next forms Gremlinmon

Stroungmon is a fan-made Digimon, created by DarkblazeHunter, and is the 1st stage in Gremlinmon's evo line. Storungmon is a small Micro Digimon in shape of a small gray ball with bat ears. Storungmon has a high curiosity toward any piece of machinery or technology and will set himself upon knowing every inch of that device from top to bottom. However, his name isn’t without truth – Storungmon has the tendency to easily ruin the source of his curiosity quickly as he began to know it by heart.


  • Rusty Bubble: Opens his mouth to spit out a rust-colored bubble at the enemy. This attack is most effective against heavily-armored or mechanical opponents since upon impact, the bubble will instantly rust the metal.


  • Storung is German for "malfunction".

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