This digimon is incredibly violent and fast. Its flames allows it to defeat its enemies at a fast rate. It is a very unique digimon With a 35% Dragon-Gene.

Level Ultimate
Type Beast
Attribute Data
Family Fire Digimon
Prior forms Meramon+ Strikedramon
Next forms Cyberdramon (2010 anime)

Digimon: Evoulution Conclusion

In "Digimon: Evoulution Conclusion" A Wild Meramon Fuses With Justins Strikedramon In Order to save his village.


  • Flame Fist: Punches enemy with his fist.
  • Fire Ball : Fires a huge fire ball at his enemy.
  • Back Stab : Sets his back on fire to deafeat enemies attacking from behind.
  • Flame Out : Strikemeramon De-Digivolves into rookie form, but leaves behind a ball of plasma to attack his enemies.
  • Tail Whip

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