Level Mega
Type Warrior
Attribute Data
Family Nightmare Soldiers

Strykemon is a Warrior Digimon whose name and design come from "lightning strike", the misspell being on purpose by the creator. She is said to have been formed from a powerful storm. Strykemon is a Digimon with locked gender encoding, always being female. Her powers over lightning are very strong, able to strike the opponents without warning. Strykemon is a member of the Mega Dragon Tamers, and her dragon familiar is Voltdramon.


Strykemon appears as a woman around the age of 18-20 with bright purple eyes, long blue hair, a curvaceous body, and large breasts. Her human form wears a light blue shirt, a short black skirt, long white socks, and brown shoes, with her hair falling straight down her head. As Strykemon, her hair is fashioned in zigzagging curls. Her new attire is an electric blue armor jumpsuit with no arms or legs to it, designed with dark blue lightning marks, which reveals her cleavage and leaves her shoulders and neck exposed. Her arms and legs are clad in elbow length armored gloves and knee-length armored boots of the same color and design as her jumpsuit, the cuffs of each being designed after lightning bolts.

Digimon Data Squad Fanfiction

Strykemon appears in a Digimon Data Squad fanfiction alongside Voltdramon and the rest of the Mega Dragon Tamers, who aim to make the Digital World their domain. Starting off as a primary antagonist, she becomes a secondary antagonist as the story goes on before eventually becoming a protagonist. Strykemon is portrayed as a kind yet stern warrior, and is very protective of a Digi-Egg. She is the second-in-command, as well as the lover, of Kagemon, and the Digi-Egg holds their child. When Kagemon sacrifices himself to weaken Leviamon, she is devastated, but Kagemon reforms into a Digi-Egg that eventually hatches. When the final battle is over, Strykemon returns with Kagemon's Digi-Egg and their child's Digi-Egg. The next time she is seen, she is in her human form alongside Kagemon, having Digivolved back to Mega, also in his human form, watching over the remnants of their followers rebuild the Digital World. She and Kagemon soon become happy parents, as their Digi-Egg hatches into Wispmon.


  • Thunder Kick - Quick-charges her foot with electricity before shooting toward her target in a lightning-fast kick.
  • Twin Bolt Stryke - Fires a powerful bolt of blue lightning from both of her hands.
  • Thunder Clap - Electrifies her hands before clapping them together, releasing a powerful electrified shockwave that sounds like thunder booming.
  • Stryke Storm - Fires a bolt of blue lightning into the sky, causing clouds to appear and rain down blue lightning.
  • Lightning Buster - Gathers a large amount of electric energy into her hands before releasing it in a powerful beam of lightning.