Level Child
Type Young Ocean Embodiment
Attribute Data
Family Deep Savers
Prior forms Upamon
Next forms Mizukimimon, Depthmon.

A fan Digimon created by User:Zeedryu Settairi, or Zeed Seiryuu.

Sui is another Japanese term for mizu, or water/flood.


Suimon stands at about 3 feet 2 inches, with light teal skin marked by numerable grooves and ridges along the outer aspects for a rough texture.

A thick black shell runs over the forehead and along the top and sides of the head to the top of the neck, with sunken rounded-holes at ear-level.

The eyes are bright red vertical slits set just beneath the shell, with a slightly extended and rounded snout and maw lined in more shell resembling an exoskeletal jaw.

A half-mane of sea-foam green spikes emerge around the back of the neck and carry around to the sides at slight angle.

Further black shell wraps tightly around each shoulder and trails toward the collarbone in the front where it ends on a sharp point, while at the sides it curves down to spiral to just beneath the armpit twice.

The back is lined with a triplicate of sea-foam green shark fins, one each jutting from the back of the shell there while the most distinguished and tallest rests at the top of the spinal column, and multiple bone-like tips stick up from the rest of each vertebrae.

The arms are fairly skinny and end in angular fins, with three hollow indention's along the tips that allow for seaweed-like fingers to emerge and loop together for grasping things loosely.

An oval of black shell defends the belly and intestines from harm, trailing around the base of the waist like a reversed belt.

The legs have black rings wrapped around the kneecaps, and just as the back has minute spikes jutting up from the bone so too do the front of the legs, and the three-toed and clawed feet are mostly flat and smooth.

General Information

The embodiment of the digital world's oceans, Suimon is still very young and only able to utilize less than ten percent of its strength at this point of life.

Because of this it can be subject to terrible rage, but also exceptionally deep calm, and when focused to a task it will rarely break free of that direction on its own.


While the soon-to-be-Elkormon was busy gathering the resources for his armies, the Maiamon concentrated on the creation of peaceful life from the natural resources around themselves.

One of their earliest and best crafted works came in the form of Suimon, whose data they personally crafted out of the Net Ocean and bestowed upon a single Upamon.


  • Mizuki: Coats the outer fins in water and punches outward, sending spear-shaped spheres as far as ten yards away at high speed.
  • Mitigation of the Mild: A water-based martial art utilized in a variety of ways, it is highly incomplete and barely able to dent an Adults armor at this point.