Level Child (Rookie)
Type Cyborg
Attribute Variable
Family Metal Empire
Nature Spirits
Next forms Hover Suitmon (through Enhancement Evolution)
Steam Suitmon (through Enhancement Evolution)
Stealth Suitmon (through Enhancement Evolution)
Partners Hiro Kou
Tobias Ryder
Crimson Blaze Army

Suitmon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Suit" and science-fiction battle armor. It is a very, very odd Digimon born from the data of a military simulation that tested a new form of adaptable power armor, but one would never guess that based on its timid and clumsy nature and its unassuming appearance, as well as its tendency to fall apart. It resembles a young-child-sized black robot, with a screen for eyes and two large knobs on the side of its head and one on top. Even though it seems that it would have an interior you would expect of a robot, that isn't the case at all; Suitmon is- very literally- a living robot suit. The interior is empty. This oddity reflects its original program, a simulation for battle armor. In a similar way, Suitmon is a Digimon that can be worn by (almost) any Digimon, and it has the ability adapt to the size and form of its wearer, although its provides very little benefit in combat as Suitmon has little to no power on its own. (This has been known to vary if Hover Suitmon is part of a DigiXros.) This is because Suitmon has no primary function of of yet, but all of its weaknesses become irrelevant once it is given a function, as it will change into a new Digimon entirely.

Even for a small clumsy Digimon most consider would consider useless, it has a lot of heart and a generous spirit, and only hopes it will be great someday.


  • Suit Up!: Suitmon attaches to a human or Digimon and is worn like battle armor. Provides no real benefit in battle, but it has its perks.
  • Super Scan!: It scans the environment and other Digimon to collect information. Its only called Super Scan! because Suitmon could use the confidence booster.
  • Little Beam: Exactly what it sounds like. Suitmon fires a small laser beam from its screen eyes.

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