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Level Rookie
Type Reptile
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Pchnięmon
Next forms Gungnimon

Sulicamon is a fan-made Digimon, created by DarkblazeHunter.

Sulicamon is a Reptile Digimon in shape of a greenish-blue serpentine lizard with a spear-marked helmet on its head (though there do exist gold-colored variations of the species). He is a fierce fighter and, though he prefers to follow a set battle-plan, can lose himself in the thrill of any battle against any ideal opponent of his tastes. The blade of his spear-helmet is crafted from pure Blue Chrome-Digizoid.


  • Quicksilver Piercing (水銀衝 Suiginshō?): Lunges at his enemy with his spear-helmet's blade charged with electricity.
  • Javelin Flare (投げ槍燃 Nageyari Moeru?): Fires a swift spear-shaped fireball at his target.


  • Sulica is Polish for "lance".

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